A poem for Hillary Clinton, after today…

*NOTE I was for Hillary Clinton in 2008.  Not now.  Not for 2016.  Far too much scandal and too many things have come out post Benghazi.  So….

today, i watched a little old lady scramble up the steps to vote

she had a hat one could appreciate, its velvet folds like something from the 20’s

who could have known the first year she walked proudly up some steps

as i stood there before the precinct ladies, under my breath i whispered how

it was the most important election of my life so far, they nodded back, i crossed my fingers

they knew why, they knew, for our sex, just what you embody

that one girl who could, the strongest in the place, courageous, the fighter

let them dare insult you now

let them hurl the vitriol, those wagging tongues of other women

’cause some of us know what you’ve done

and what you’ve had to stand, and stand for

let the men try to gesture you away, or brush you off

inconsequential is what they’d rather see you be, or silent

when i handed in my ballot

the little old lady still struggling to fill hers in

Hillary, that you are here speaks reams about where we’ve all come from

sister mine,

1972 in purple

sister mine,


(oh Hillary, California women — we’re just like you, and some of our men are too…)

4 thoughts on “A poem for Hillary Clinton, after today…

  1. Indeed Hillary Clinton is one of the greatest women in our time.God bless the day you were born.You were born to help and save humanity.


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