Damn, I love Jack Nicholson, and GeekLove 08! (I want to make movies!) damn!

 I watched the Jack Nicholson over at Riverdaughter’s yesterday —  (I wish I knew how to post it into my wordpress page but this is easier for you–just click!)


I got this today and I just watched the first one, it’s all about “Just Words” you have to see it! — it came from Geeklove–

and it’s fantastic!

There’s nobody like Jack Nicholson, nobody.  He represents all the best about Hollywood, the absolute best!

Go Hillary, Go! and wow, geeklove08, that’s some talent you’ve got there…too!

geeklove08 Says:
March 2, 2008 at 7:20 am e


Anyone notice that immediately after Hillary’s Children at 3:00 a.m. ad, Obama DENOUNCED AND REJECTED that type of fear-mongering ad only to turn around and release the same type of ad? He said, “We’ve seen these ads before. They’re the kind that play on people’s fears to try to scare up votes.” He even added he doesn’t think it will work.

I fail to see how he is an example of the “new style of politics”. I guess he was against these type of ads, before he was for it. (Also, after being accused of copying other people’s speeches, one would think he would stay away from copying Hillary’s ads. This is even after stealing her economic plans. Doesn’t he have an original thought in his head?)

In my view he’s just a talking head– here’s my youtube video:

Obama Talks Too Much. He’s All Hat, No Cattle. Just Words.

Frankly, at 3 a.m., I want a President who will PUSH THE RIGHT BUTTON
(reference to the times he pressed the wrong button in voting.)

3 thoughts on “Damn, I love Jack Nicholson, and GeekLove 08! (I want to make movies!) damn!

  1. Woohoo! Thanks for the love.
    Come on people let’s get out the vote and and show Obama’s “sheeple” that Hillary inspires us too, except she walks the talk!


  2. I wish I knew how to put that first video of yours up in here, I swear. It was great! Plus, I think people would really get your message in a visual way–I loved the way you edited it, with the spinnning TV screens and the music too. If I can figure out how to do it I’ll put it up!

    sending you a big virtual hug you little filmmaker you!


  3. Valentine, to embed a youtube video in a page is really easy. Follow these steps:

    1.) go to the youtube URL and copy it.
    2.) In your new post, type the following:

    Make sure to include the square brackets on both ends. That’s it! You’re done. Save and view the post. You should see the youtube screen of your choice.
    Good luck!


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