Obama, Corporate America and Labor (a must read, this morning)

* Update 2012 — the blog I quoted has been deleted so the links don’t work.  That was a piece by a marvelous writer named Lin Farley.  Use the Wayback machine in the web and type in http://www.savagepolitics.com — the blog was mostly up just in 2008.  Tones of really strong journalism and commentary at that blog.  I followed it during the 2008 elections.


Last night I found a blog that is a must read for any working American, and anyone who works for a big corporation needs to see this.  NOW.

It surprises me that Labor Unions would be backing him after I read this, because, frankly, the vote he cast on something called the “Class Action Fairness Act of 2005” is going to strip American workers of their ability to do so many things you would not believe it.

Hillary Clinton voted against it.  When I read that my heart smiled.

Please read “Follow The Money” from www.savagepolitics.com.

Also, this is perhaps the most profound political blog I have found yet, and I  intend to read their discourse on a daily basis along with my newspaper.  This is the sort of old fashioned journalism we used to read in the press, and damn have I missed it.  It’s unbiased reportage, and non-partisan as well.

I have excerpted from the blog here, but you will want to read the entire post to grasp it all.


“On February 10, 2005, Obama voted in favor of the passage of the misnamed Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 which seriously hampers the rights of ordinary citizens to challenge corporations. Senators Biden, Boxer, Byrd, Clinton, Corzine, Durbin, Feingold, Kerry Leah, Reid and 16 other democrats voted against it.

So did 14 state attorneys general, including Lisa Madigan of Obama’s home state of Illinois. She called it a “corporate giveaway.” The Senate also received a desperate plea from more than 40 civil rights and labor organizations, including the NAACP, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Human Rights Campaign, American Civil Liberties Union, Center for Justice and Democracy, Legal Momentum (formerly NOW Legal Defense Fund) and Alliance for Justice. SOURCE

They wrote:

“Under the Act citizens are denied the right to use their own state courts to bring class actions against corporations that violate state wage and hour and state civil rights laws, even where that corporation has hundreds of employees in that state. Moving these state law cases into federal court will delay and likely deny justice for working men and women and victims of discrimination. The federal courts are already overburdened. Additionally, federal courts are less likely to certify classes or provide relief for violations of state law”

The bill which will seriously impair labor, consumer and civil rights involved five years of pressure from 100 corporations, 475 lobbyists, and tens of millions of corporate dollars to buy influence. It also involved the active participation of the Wall Street firms now funding the Obama campaign. The Civil Justice Reform Group, a business alliance comprising general counsels from Fortune 100 firms, was instrumental in drafting the class action bill, according to Public Citizen which also said in a 2003 report that Mayer-Brown partners and employees gave close to $100,000 [$92,817] to the Obama campaign by December 31, 2007. Mayer-Brown, hired by the US Chamber of Commerce, spent $16 million in 2003 lobbying the government on class action reform.”

That Obama approved this shows me that he is nothing but a Reaganite masquerading in a Democrats clothes.  The Reagan years began the decline into poverty for many, many Americans.

Homelessness also began during the Reagan years, for those too young to know about it.

That Obama would sign this into law proves he has no heart at all.  He does not care about the American worker at all.  Do not be “hoodwinked” when it comes to your livelihood.  Even the NAACP begged for this not to be passed.

It makes a lot more sense now about his wife’s connection to Treehouse Foods and what happened at La Junta.

Also, there is indepth research in the article about some of the big corporations donating to his campaign.  What you read will surprise you, especially when you see where the bulk of his donations are coming from.  Only a tiny bit is coming from “the little people” of this world.


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