Very funny writers weigh in on the situation chez O’ville, gaffes and all…(and then for the serious part, off LAT)

You know, location is everything sometimes… (Off the Trail, Washington Post)

Obama’s Uncle and the Liberation of Auschwitz

“…By Jonathan Weisman
In the annals of the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama’s Auschwitz moment may yet become the stuff of legend.

For months, the Republican National Committee, grumbling John McCain staffers and an array of conservative bloggers have tried to label Obama as a serial exaggerator and an heir to Al Gore, who Republicans successfully tarred in 2000 as someone who claimed to have discovered Love Canal and invented the Internet.

It just wasn’t sticking.

Now, they think they’ve caught him red handed.

Obama didn’t mince words in the story of his uncle yesterday in New Mexico…”

And then this, completely brilliant, very witty analysis of the whole situation chez O & Co. I first saw it at No Quarter. What a writer, whew. Don’t miss this one, by Craig Della Pena:

Not now, not ever – A repudiation of Obama and the New Bolsheviks and an Interesting Possibility

“…When Obama first burst forth upon the political scene lo these many months ago, my gut reaction was: “he’s not ready”, now I have to add “and he never will be”. The fact that people don’t see his poisonous combination of arrogance and naiveté, intellectual ignorance and disinterest, his viciousness and contempt for others has been a consistent source of amazement for me. I can only explain it by referring to a religious/cult model. As I recently discussed in my journal on creationism


Obama on the one hand is curiously apathetic about any actual prescriptions for the body politic. His position on any particular subject is not even apparent until someone with substance (Hillary, for example) publishes her position, then, within a few days, Obama comes out with a copy of that proposal (with a few insignificant changes) and trumpets it as a breakthrough, ‘transformational’ event…”

And from today’s paper, the fabulous LAT, Jonah Goldberg has a serious note. We’ve mentioned him before when we talked about his book on Fascism. Good Jonah’s on that, and on this in an op-ed.

“…Candidates who send their wives out on the campaign trail shouldn’t lash out when their spouses face criticism…”
Politics 2008. This is what it looks like now. I feel sorry for whoever gets into office. Jonah’s last sentence is key though, in this case…
“…But if I don’t like what she has to say, I reserve the right to say so, whether her husband finds it acceptable or not…”
We live in a free country, so far…

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