Deepfiresides are the best…a little chat about ecopsychology, among friends…

I was so happy to see that our President has done this as regards food safety here.

It makes me feel a lot better about the food chain, especially since that tomato disaster that just happened, or the dog food accident regarding the introduction of melamine as protein source.  Republicans and Green Democrats might be more alike than I thought, as regards Patriotism overall.  Whew.  I had never thought about that before.  You know, stuff was all so much simpler when we were little.  Everything was made or grown here.

I wish we could return to an era that was pastorale.  Maybe Teddy Roosevelt’s era is a time period I love best.  Circa 1912 or so — I would have loved to have lived in New York or Paris at that time, because of all the artists and writers.  I’m glad this happened too today, given the research I did when I was in that writers group that I wrote about here.  Not that I ever saw any of the above, myself, but I once read an article similar to this one by Naomi Wolf about this same sort of subject.  I just can’t find it, drat.  I once reported something I had seen in the web to Diane Sawyer after watching a news special on that industry.  At any rate you are probably wondering what is ecopsychology, anyway.  It is kind of like systems theory for marriage and family therapists. It’s a way of looking at a system and seeing how things connect up.  In grad school I loved reading Robert Sardello.  He had a theory about how we were perhaps creating a sociopathy in personality by letting children play too many “pre-scripted” games with the technology before age nine especially.

I agree.  This is perhaps what I meant by needing more of a village of people to raise children, like when Senator Clinton used that sentence.  Anyway, it would be so wonderful if all children could learn about gardens and planting seeds and traditional American style crafts.  I guess that is a very old fashioned idea, but it’s mine … I guess because I love all things pastorale, and naturelle.  Well, if we had less plastic in the world we would not be creating this sort of thing.  People can make pottery vessels if they are taught how?

I had such a wonderful education growing up when I did.  I worry that kids aren’t getting that kind of really “humanities” based fountain of knowledge.  Also, we must not allow this sort of thing, anymore.

I just saw the most marvelous film.  I wish it had won the academy award.  It’s called “Into the Wild”  I tend to think of films like this as interventions, done rapidly and beautifully.  This one addresses the disconnect from landscape, family and village.  Well, I hope I have shown my green politics to you.  Funny, green and red are the colors of Christmas.  That and Saint Paddys are two of my faves.  I think my mother taught me to be a Democrat because of her kindness.  At least the values she instilled in me in childhood are with me still, as I know they must be in yours as well, Senators Clinton and McCain.  I suppose it is a matter of wheat and chaff when one taps or plays upon the pipes…

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