GREEN PUMA speaks, on her trust in the honorable Colin Powell, hopes he will be a part of the new administration in Washington, plus, read a little about him so you can know his history, if you don’t. IndyPuma plays a concert as a tribute to Colin Powell.

You can read about him in the American Academy of Achievement and also in the wikipedia. He is someone who has a very long and distinguished career, and wait till you see all the pictures of him!  He has been around a long time, and so, I want somebody who knows that much about wars and peace to be on board.  I hope he will decide to not be retired right now, because, AMERICA needs him.  IndyPuma has decided to play him some songs, that we both know, from our shared AMERICAN history, starting with Satchmo, of course.  IndyPuma also believes Colin Powell, being a rogue with honor, would be a fantastic role model for ALL AMERICAN boys.  He has much to teach them about life, and war and living.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”

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