Carly Fiorina, very feminist, very pumafemme, very powerful and a role model for girls…

NOTE for 2015 — NOT VOTING FOR FIORINA BECAUSE OF HOW SHE DID THIS!  Just another heartless corporate monster who could have cared less about anyone.  Look at Boxer’s ad:

Well, if you want to see a powerful feminist who came up during the second wave movement, you can look to Carly Fiorina. Like Hillary Clinton these women had glass ceilings they wanted to shatter. For Ms. Fiorina it was in the business world. When I worked in corporate America, I knew women like her. They were on a trajectory that was heading straight to the top. It wasn’t an easy road, believe me, to get that far.

What people might not know about the “sweeties” is that like Fiorina, women were not respected on the job in the 80’s. She started out as a secretary, but look at her education! She, much like Hillary Clinton, went into a “man’s world” — for the first time. Women entered the corporate world–this happened because of the feminist movements of the 60’s which Hillary was part of.

Men didn’t always like that. Women in that period had to prove how smart and tough they were to men. Eventually, men, gave them some opportunity. Very few women ever attain the sort of “glass ceilings” Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina have. This is why, for many women, watching the misogyny and sexism during this campaign was so horrific to Democratic Women.

We might not have had the same basic value systems as Republicans, but damn. Feminism unites us in a second wave bond that is stronger than you can imagine. That is what Pumafemme means. This was really interesting to me this morning, because, I bet a Republican feminist is a lot like a pro-Hillary Green Democrat (which I have considered myself). You can tell by the shoes! I love the art!

Of course, we love shoes, absolutement… all different kinds. A lot of us just thought housework was totally boring, no? It was so non-satisfying. You can read a classic feminist in Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own” — We went to work because we wanted to. It gave us an identity, rather than staying home. My mother was an executive, like Ms. Fiorina. I worked for powerful males, but perhaps, had I gone Republican the first time I voted, I’d have been like a Carly Fiorina myself. Carly and Hillary? POWERPUMAS.

See who Carly is, from the wikipedia, and then look at her webpage. Her causes are interesting in terms of helping women globally, and she is very smart. Very, very smart. I can see why McCain would have picked her. Read more from CondeNast — and this was great this morning from “Hillary Clinton, my not so evil twin” — feminists come in all shapes and sizes and tastes. I’m an artist and writer who reads Vogue, among other things. Unfortunately, the Democratic Establishment really didn’t understand who we are. McCain does. Hillary did, and the DNC blew it, this year. We are like, so gone from them right now. Gone. My grandfather was a Republican. I can be one too. I love Teddy Roosevelt, and I love FDR. I also love JFK and MLK. Hear Carly speak in this video below, and, she is going to give Axelrod a run for his money I bet. That should be exceptionally interesting to watch. Exceptionally. Who does a pumafemme root for?

Women! (who are pumas)! It’s that ol’ glass ceiling thing… isn’t it? Yep. It’s that old glass ceiling every time.

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