Brilliant John McCain launches “The Lexington Project” heads up on the Green Way!


This is totally fantastic news to all of us on the Green Side of things!

John McCain realizes we have got to get our “power”” back into our own hands. He is like Teddy Roosevelt.

Here is the link into “The LEXINGTON PROJECT” where you can read about all the great ideas. Senator McCain has said he will leave any oil drilling to the individual states to decide. He will not be touching California’s protected coastline. McCain is asking for Americans to submit all their ideas to him, because he believes in us, and he believes that all of us can dream up our Green future together! Why am I going McCain? Strong, male, responsible LEADERSHIP that we so desperately need. It’s marvelous to see this kind of progressive reform, just the BEST! The jobs he creates will put America back to work and back on its feet again. Send HIM your GREEN IDEAS! HE WANTS TO KNOW BECAUSE HE LOVES THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

The Lexington Project

Our nation’s future security and prosperity depends on the next President making the hard choices that will break our nation’s strategic dependence on foreign sources of energy and will ensure our economic prosperity by meeting tomorrow’s demands for a clean portfolio. John McCain has made the necessary choices – producing more power, pushing technology to help free our transportation sector from its use of foreign oil, cleaning up our air and addressing climate change, and ensuring that Americans have dependable energy sources. John McCain will lead the effort to develop advanced transportation technologies and alternative fuels to promote energy independence and cut off the flow of oil wealth to repressive dictatorships like Iran.

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