In the realm of the pumaportal, various types of searches for the cat clan continue!

It’s largely bigtime, no?  Examples from behind the scenes over the last few days, sort of trumping everything…else.  Those who wish can visit “Just Say No Deal” and find your kind… of pumaliciousness! or, meet really fab people at “The Confluence”

even meet a Male of our species! (who is a marvy writer). . .

puma hillary clinton

pumas clinton

puma clinton

p.u.m.a. and hillary clinton


puma hillary

puma= not joining the democrats

catwoman wins

p.u.m.a. women who support hillary clint

olitics – puma

political, pumas

clinton pumas

woman and her period

puma elections

puma politics

puma and hillary clinton

puma as it relates to hillary

hilliary clinton “pumas”

pro hillary puma

hillary clinton puma

puma+hillary clinton

how to join puma

puma hillary support

the catwoman

p.u.m.a.s. organization

what is a puma clinton

party unit puma

puma political organization

hillary cheated by dnc

puma poster


how to tell if your a democrat

catwoman history

cat woman kids

second wave feminism education

join pumas


hillary feminist

puma hilary clinton

puma election 2008

clinton puma’s

puma a pro hillary clinton news

in other news, from NYT

What’s Really Up With North Pole Sea Ice?

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