John McCain, Giuliani, “The Babe,” and a mighty BIG STICK…(walk softly and carry a big stick, part two!)

It’s funny about the kinds of things people search for behind the scenes of my blog, and who comes by. Sometimes I wish I could bat one of the gmodules right out into left field, you know? But, I know I’ve hit a nerve with my writing when I see those letters start to fly behind the scenes. Like yesterday.

Since one of my fave characters that I write is called “The Velvet Babe” — you could say I have a great affinity for people like the real “Babe” because he was the swanky American hero type our country is known for. Here is a little story about him from a cool little place in webville — actually it’s the front page of the NYT from 1927! And, guess who else they have a story on. Al Capone. Hmm, Capone was from Chicago too, how do you like that? Because we seem to be in the age of major GANGSTERS redux, except they don’t have the same glam anymore.

I read over the weekend that John McCain went to a ball game with Mr. Guiliani — it’s a cute little story, but, here is another one that’s even more important to all the PUMAfemmes about how Guiliani supports the pro-choice position. Good. I’m so glad they can hash out this thing between themselves right now. Because after what Bush did, they should be having this dialogue pretty quick, and maybe, Carly Fiorina could be involved as well. Since it’s all those “sticks” that produce, well you know. It’s a woody thing. But, we are grown-ups, no? These things can be talked about…

Funny, you know how I found that story? I just read that our hero McCain is going to be appearing with that other DUDE at a great big BAPTIST church run by somebody called Rick Warren. It turns out, that they are all involved with something called the ERLC, which is short for “The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.”

Well, I can’t help wondering what is going to happen when the black Jesus and the white Jesus collide, because most Americans, at least the ones I know, prefer their religious beliefs to be a private thing, and we do believe that Church and State should stay separate here in AMERICA. Otherwise?

There are some VERY troubling things that can happen when you take a peek behind the scenes at op-eds like this one. We saw some things coming out of those churches run by Wright and Pfleger up Chicago way — didn’t we? But, I want to introduce you to a site where you can learn all about Liberation Theology and what that looks like circa 2008. Because, really, after you read this editorial from the 90’s that ran in the New York Times, I bet you are going to have some big, big questions about the other guy and what he hasn’t told us, and what the press hasn’t investigated, yet. Here is an article on Marcus Garvey, and another where Obama is compared to Marcus Garvey.

Is Obama Channeling Marcus Garvey?

Because, if he is? We voters really need to know. And so does Rick Warren. You see, I don’t particularly believe in all this big revival tent religion stuff. Personally, I think we are in a period of history where plenty of demagogues want to see themselves as RULERS. It’s the clash of all these belief systems at once that is causing the world a whole lot of problems.

When Wright spoke about the “transcendence of middleclassness” for the Black people, he meant just that. And that may well be why Brazile said the nasty little things she did to all the PUMAS about not needing any of us. Well, poverty in a nation breeds a climate where all kinds of tensions flare, doesn’t it? I really don’t think all these religious leaders here have sat themselves down and opened up this VERY important topic. Because, I think, a lot of Americans aren’t that educated and perhaps they idolize these preachers in ways that are detrimental to the country overall, and have caused such large splits across the fabric of the United States.

We need a leader who is going to be thinking about EVERYONE in America, because there are all kinds of people living here now. Aren’t there?

People behind the scenes are searching all the time for something Teddy Roosevelt said, because I published his inaugural speech on the day the election was ripped out of my candidate Hillary Clinton’s hands. Teddy said: “Walk softly and carry a big stick.” You cannot believe the number of searches I get for that. His speech was particularly appropriate to the times we are living in now. I decided to turn to John McCain because Teddy Roosevelt is his idol, and also, given the way this whole election has gone, I think John McCain would be able to tackle “the Chicago Gangsters” right now. He’s just that kind of an American, and he’s a real Babe Ruth kind of guy, I think.

Bloomberg has the most LUCID piece on what is really going on with our economy right now, and what the next President is going to face, and have to repair for all of us. You better read it. Here is the link:

“Bush Failures May Force McCain, Obama to Make Like FDR in 2009”

Articles like this, have made me realize how much we need Teddy Roosevelt’s type of model right now. It’s that bad. Truly. I saw it when I was a therapist, and worked with the poorest people on the planet, right here. So, this little snippet is something to consider, because I didn’t realize how short time was getting until I saw it this morning

Countdown to Dem convention: 35 days
Countdown to GOP convention: 42 days
Countdown to Election Day 2008: 106 days
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 183 days

I haven’t been writing any amusing little stories of late, because this election situation has taken over my whole existence since January. I want the facts, this time around. Not the gloss and glimmerfest the press is giving us. There isn’t a lot of time left to sort the whole thing out, but McCain has concrete plans. I may not like all of them, but he is the man with the plans. Like I said, here is his platform once again, that I believe in:


I think Babe Ruth would approve, walking softly with the big stick he used to carry…

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