Democratic Party builds “protest wire cages” called “free speech zones” for DNC, meanwhile John McCain meets with the Dalai Lama…

This isn’t Democracy.  This isn’t the Democratic party I gave my allegiance to back in the 80’s.

This is something else.  I have an article from the White Mountain Independent on the cages the Democratic Party plans to erect in Denver for protesters.  Somehow, I don’t recall the Democratic Party ever needing to erect any kind of barriers to free speech before.  In fact, the Democratic Party had always seemed to me to be the party of “free speech” in America.

This is an act that resembles FASCISM.  Doesn’t it?

Here is a link into one of the most important reads for Americans I’ve seen yet, on these fences…

“A free speech graveyard at the Democratic National Convention”

Here is something to ponder from this article…but, click that headline and go read the whole thing for yourself…

“…Free speech zones have been employed by both Democrats and Republicans at past political conventions. This year, however, Democrats face the embarrassing possibility that they will be the only party actually caging dissenters. Protesters at the upcoming Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Denver in late August will be corralled into caged “free speech zones” made of chicken wire and chain link fences which are located more than two football fields from the delegates’ entrance. Those who attempt to exercise their First Amendment rights outside this makeshift cage, which is partially obscured by trees and sculptures, will be arrested. (Ironically, protesters at this year’s Republican National Convention will not face a cage or even policemen in riot gear.)…

It isn’t okay, to cage Americans.  It’s like a concentration camp for dissenting voices.

One of the reasons the Democratic Party has split down the middle is because of the way this whole election has been handled so far.  What used to be Democratic is now Demo-erratic, and it certainly has destroyed the Dem’s demographics.  The party looks malignant right now.  Perhaps it is.  This is one big slippery slope just as the Brandenburg Gate was slippery looking too.  Sorry but, NO DEAL.  Because the Democratic Party seems to have embraced something even it might not know about fully…

We appear to have a Despot on our hands in 2008.  The Despot has friends with ideas that aren’t about Democracy for all Americans.  He may fool some of the people, but he will not fool all of the people.

Not the educated set.

It was extremely troubling to any thinking Democrat when his wife called bloggers “liars” in a news article from the Billings Gazette back on June 2nd, 2008 — you can read the full article here:

“Michelle Obama encourages political activism”

These cages that the Democratic party plans to erect are the antithesis of “free speech” and political activism.  In fact, the cages seem barbaric to any civilized American voter.  This election isn’t normal, not in the way that Hillary Clinton was treated by the Democratic Party, not by the media or the American Press.

I like the fact that John McCain has an audience with the Dalai Lama. California Democrats understand peace in the world, the way the Dalai Lama does.  Many houses here are adorned with Tibetan peace flags.

The wire cages?

They send a troubling sign to America.  They aren’t about PEACE.  They aren’t about Political Activism.  They are about Despotism and silence.  Given the FISA, given the secrecy, given the ideas of Liberation Theology as studied under Wright for the last 20 years, the DNC has not been mindful this year about who should lead the country out of the place we have been.  In fact, the DNC looks like a place with some very dark ideas indeed, especially with this caging they plan.

I’m going to become a Republican, after 20 years of being a solid Democrat.  For these very reasons.

You wouldn’t be needing those fences if Hillary Clinton had been the nominee, and the Republican Party seems to have no need for them either.  I’m an American.  Preserving our country is foremost in my mind.  We have too much poverty here at home to address.  The last thing we need is a Despot right now.

Americans don’t agree with Fascism.  Or wire cages.  Or the suppression of free speech.

Do we?

Here is an excellent article from The Confluence to read:

Obama takes his disdain for free speech on the road.

I realized this was going to be the most important election of my lifetime, and it is the most hideous distortion so far of Democratic principles I’ve seen yet.  It’s not Democratic.  It’s Despot-cratic.

McCain is like a refuge to me, this year.  A refuge of sanity after the last 8 years…

His platform is “REFORM, PROSPERITY, PEACE”  those words work for me, just as he will work to put our country back on its feet again.  McCain serves America.  Because this is our country.


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