Election ’08 News for PUMAS! Karl Rove assisted Obama in hurting Hillary Clinton, but there’s more…they met ages ago, no?

Well, well, well…

Let’s talk about when they met, first.  As I was researching months ago to try and find out who this candidate was, I came across this little article from 2005 — in Columbia College Today

At the time, this quote interested me no end…

“…And it is not only the Democrats who are interested in this “rock star politician,” as he has been called. The day after Obama won the Senatorial election, President George W. Bush called him, announcing, “You’re one articulate fella!” The two ended up chatting for 10 minutes, according to one of Obama’s aides. Two weeks later, Obama accepted an invitation to the White House and had breakfast with President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and political strategist Karl Rove.

“Here’s a guy who hasn’t served a day in the Senate, and I just saw an ‘Obama ’08’ [for President] button,” says David Axelrod, Obama’s friend and media consultant. “It’s out of control…”

That was back in February!  Can you believe it?  Going back over the article today, in light of seeing this off CNN yesterday from the Political Ticker, I’m seeing a troubling connection.  Very troubling to bona fide pumas who are Democrats, no?  Look at the advice Rove gave Obama back in December of 2007!

“Find a way to gently belittle her whenever she tries to use disagreements among Democrats as an excuse to complain about being picked on,” Rove writes. “The toughest candidate in the field should not be able to complain when others disagree with her. This is not a coronation. Democrats do not like her sense of entitlement. She is not owed the nomination. It does not belong to her simply because her name is Clinton. So blow the whistle on her when she tries to become a victim. Do it with humour and a smile and it will sting even more…”

I guess that was the part where you gave her the finger, huh?

You can read the whole thing right here at the Financial Times.  How interesting.  Rove advising Obama.

But, let’s go backwards a bit more, because why is Rove doing anything with the Democrats to begin with?

Look at this!  Off Scrappleface.com back in January of 2004!

Dean Shake-Up: Rove Takes Helm of Troubled Campaign

“I have always believed in Howard Dean’s candidacy,” said Mr. Rove, “I think I stand with the majority of Republicans in saying that his nomination, more than anything else, is the key to guaranteeing that America is in good hands for the next four years.”

“We’re glad to have Karl Rove on board,” said Mr. Dean. “His experience in polishing and funding a not-ready-for-primetime governor will be invaluable.”


Then we have that Lessig guy, again.  He’s responsible for the whole “CHANGE CONGRESS” thing, over at ChangeCongress.org.  He had this to say back in January of 2008.

And what if the Karl Rove virus does cross the GOP/DEM barrier?


Because of this!

Democrats Call for Contempt Charges Against Rove

Then, we can go over to Alternet and read this one! Also from back in 2007…

Why Rove Is Cheerleading for Obama

But, given that meeting back in 2005?  I’m not so sure I agree with the above.  In fact?

I think he’s their boy, no?  One thing this Alternet article was right on:

“…The exact last things that Rove wants to see in a Democrat in the White House. But an on the attack Obama, that dogs Clinton at every step can create havoc in the Democratic Party. It could plunge the Party into an orgy of Clinton-Obama sniping, bashing, and finger pointing. That would fuel dissension, stoke bitter divisions and deflect attacks from Bush policies and the GOP candidates that for better or worse are Siamese twin like welded to him and his policies.

The contest would be reduced to a referendum on Hillary. The sores and wounds would be so deep that countless numbers of Democrats, especially black Democrats, who are torn down the middle between Clinton and Obama, would be lukewarm toward the eventual Democratic nominee, maybe lukewarm enough in the GOP’s fondest hopes to stay home on Election Day…”

You are seeing the havoc, from all the Dems who loved the Clintons right now.  And we HATE what you have done in this campaign with your divisive, disgusting alliances, allegiances and target marketing. What you have done so far?  You are NEVER going to get our votes.  It’s a “sores and wounds” kind of thing for everyone who calls themselves a PUMA!  There are millions!  And millions!  Who can’t stand you.

Also, we view people who left Hillary’s side to work for you as MONSTERS!  That we will have NO PART OF!

Maybe, because you seem like this ROVE GUY to US!  He helped you, didn’t he?

Now here is the capper, off of CBS!  Now you’re getting the picture, alright!

Obama Central: Harmony, and Deep Secrecy

Washington Post: Obama’s Tight-Knit And Tight-Lipped Operation Is Inviting Comparisons To The Campaign Of George W. Bush

You know something?  PUMAS don’t like you, and we don’t like your players either.

In fact, you don’t even seem to be a Democrat.  So, it’s a pleasure to be voting for John McCain in 2008.

I hope he puts every single one of you on the hot seat.  You deserve it.

John McCain is somebody I can trust.

2 thoughts on “Election ’08 News for PUMAS! Karl Rove assisted Obama in hurting Hillary Clinton, but there’s more…they met ages ago, no?

  1. Valentine,
    The article is very troubling. The only thing I wonder, is…what if, the
    Bush-Rove machine really DO support Obama. I know this is strange, but it entered my mind when I was reading what you wrote.


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