Ecopsychology: The beautiful, magical child, resiliency of the SELF…(part 4)

Yesterday was a pretty hard read, I know — so let me give you “HOPE” today, because there is no one who cannot be CURED! Isn’t that great! So, you might remember back to when I was talking about my fabulous teacher Jilla, who taught us ETHICS and that guy that had the bag full of wigs and weapons?

This is what Jilla taught me!

She said, “Always look for the one percent of light even in the worst PERPETRATOR, because it is THERE!” — it is THERE! And so I have used the Yin and Yang symbol above to show you this. See how even in the most “Light” side –there is a black dot? — imagine that as an “EGG” who is really a good person — but in a certain circumstance, might steal something from someone — to feed a hungry child! — Everyone has that black dot inside them! They do!

On the dark side of the symbol above, imagine an “EGG” that has been so broken, so abused, so hurt, so mistreated that there is only bleakness and despair inside. See that WHITE DOT? That DOT OF LIGHT is inside of EVERYONE! EVERYONE ON THIS PLANET! — the CURE begins with finding that dot, and, loving it. The THERAPEUTIC cure begins like that. So, do you recall my experience in that REHAB we were talking about?

You can think of those MEN’s SOULS like the dark side of the symbol above. THEY HAVE BEEN HURT SO BADLY, and NEVER HAD any GOOD given to them in their lives. They may have had childhoods most of us cannot even imagine. We could not imagine a world that BAD, because we had lucky lives and GOOD ENOUGH MOTHERS! It’s as simple as that! — the work in THERAPY is about “re-parenting” the person! Using a holistic and Object Relations model. It works every time! Because it starts with LOVE. LOVE rebuilds the DAMAGE done to any SOUL. What happens, is that, that little dot of white starts to EXPAND!

Now, the memories of the BAD THINGS are never really going to go AWAY — BUT! The NEW MOTHERING is going to PATCH UP all the holes in the SWISS CHEESE we talked about. Remember, how we used a piece of swiss cheese to show an example of a baby? And some babies were coming out riddled with holes just like in that cheese? Well, a THERAPIST’s JOB is to help the client start filling up all those empty holes.

That’s what we do. That’s the whole MYSTERY. So, you don’t ever have to be afraid of THERAPISTS, anymore.

Somebody behind the scenes around here asked the question “I think I might be a narcissist how can I get help” — well, the way that you find a THERAPIST for yourself is by asking people for a referral. Maybe a friend of yours had a good experience with one, and they can tell you about a special person.

Another way, is to try seeing a few different people, yourself. Maybe you will like one of them the BEST! — that is what we call “A GOOD FIT” — and, that is the most important THING! That YOU feel comfortable with the PERSON you pick! — THERAPISTS have RULES they follow. It’s an ETHICAL CODE. ANYBODY who isn’t following that code is not going to be good for YOU, so here is place where you can learn about stuff over at GOOD THERAPY.ORG. You can read articles there, and you can also read the ETHICAL CODES! For yourself!

No matter what has happened in a person’s life story — each SOUL on this PLANET has that white DOT inside it! NEVER FORGET THAT!

Our lives are made up by a series of experiences and all the different people we meet along the way. So, even if a child didn’t get “Good Enough Mothering” at home, maybe one of their friend’s mothers or a really good teacher filled in for some of that, along the way! PEOPLE ARE RESILIENT! People can survive the most terrible things in the world, things most of us cannot even imagine, and that LITTLE WHITE DOT is their RESILIENCE!

I have this really great writer friend named Bud White who survived something so awful when he was a little kid, and his SOUL IS SO STRONG, he is like a HERO to me. So is JOHN McCAIN! — remember that EGO STRENGTH we were talking about a few pages back? THESE TWO have so much of that, they are like these HUGE ELEPHANTS! That strong! This friend of mine had this really beautiful film up, and I want to play it for you, over here at my place! Because, I want you to think about that white dot as having an elephant’s heart inside it — something that big, and that strong, and that good inside of you. You know what is in that WHITE DOT?


At the end of this movie, you are going to see THAT WHITE DOT!

One of the BEST BOOKS I ever read!
One of the BEST BOOKS I ever read!

This is one of the BEST, MOST FANTASTIC books I ever read! About Childhood! The best man wrote it, and it will explain things in such a simple and beautiful way about what can go right and wrong…

One thing that is of very great concern to me right now is the amount of pills people are taking that they might not really have needed in the first place. At my third and longest placement as a therapist intern we had a psychiatrist as our Clinical Supervisor. She told us a story about a two year old that she was putting on {PROZ-AC.} I had a hard time believing that myself, but?

I didn’t like that.

Because I feel that person-to-person treatment is the cure! If a person is ingesting a substance they aren’t going to be in touch with their feeling and sensate sides. In fact, they will be NUMB in those areas. So, I want you to think now, about the SELF as an “EGG” like we talked about for a minute. If you took away the feeling and sensate parts of the EGG, you would be taking out the YOLK! — the yellow heart of the egg! — in other words the SOUL of the EGG! — because its HEART and its FEELINGS wouldn’t be there!

One time I heard the man that wrote this book speak, and he was so great. This is one of the best BOOKS on this subject. The man Kipnis that wrote it had a theory about BOYS being given medications on purpose so that they could FIT in the classroom and not cause disturbances. Well, if you are a therapist like me — you know “BOYS WILL BE BOYS” — and they should be! They have a TON of ENERGY to BURN OFF and usually this is done in SPORTS! Or getting in fights, or? Maybe they are going to be like Huckleberry Finn!

One of the best things I like about John McCain is his ETHICAL STANCE about things, because it is just like mine! Plus, we both went to school in a time when the only pill a little kid took was an aspirin! It wasn’t that long ago, actually…

I’ll be talking more about Kipnis tomorrow– but this article, that I haven’t even had time to read all the way– deeply troubles me this morning. I got it from the Los Angeles Times. I want to know about the PORKinPHARMA because, I think it’s really important to see which people are involved with getting money behind the scenes for promoting things like the psychiatrist above. I want to know if a monster has been created in an UNETHICAL WAY that perhaps was unintentional? For profit at the EXPENSE OF ALL THOSE LITTLE YOLKS. If so, MY MAN McCAIN will be taking care of it. I have nothing nothing but faith in a man like John McCain. It’s because of his HEART, and his SOUL.

Drug makers seek shield from lawsuits

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