Ecopsychology, Addiction, PTSD and Veterans — Leader John McCain will take care of our vets…

I want to talk a little today about the Vietnam Vet I treated and the sort of therapy we did. I feel this is important because of all our kids that are overseas right now.

Another reason I am so Pro-McCain is because of his history in the Vietnam War. Personally, I feel more comfortable with a military leader to get us out of the war in the right way.

I trust John McCain, more than any of our present leadership because he will be very clear about taking care of the veterans. He is a veteran, and one of America’s bravest veterans. (Though he would probably never admit that). My sense of him is that he “serves.” He’s not in this race to glorify himself like the Dems in my old party are.

We had talked about the concept of EGO STRENGTH, and that some people have more of this than others. When people are at war, this ego strength is what tides them through the worst. Readers of this blog know I am a Pacifist. I am, but, we are in this war now and we need real LEADERSHIP to get us out. That’s John McCain.

So, not everyone has the same amount of EGO STRENGTH. The Veteran I treated was an example of this. When he came in for treatment he was addicted to alcohol and an opiate, as well as several other substances. I mentioned how I had worked in the REHAB with men? I had talked a little about the Jungian and Object Relations models in terms of working with addiction, and about stripping the “defences” too soon by removing the substance abuse.

I knew I would be seeing that client longterm, so I could proceed very slowly with treatment.

He had nightmares, which is very common in cases of PTSD. Let me explain what PTSD is by going back to that EGG for a second that we used as a symbol for the self.

Experiencing a trauma of some sort is what leads to PTSD. The brain takes the traumatic event and since it has been so OVERWHELMING to the person’s psyche, in order to preserve itself it will “split” the event into fragments. Think of a puzzle. Let’s say that the EVENT is the puzzle, intact. Now, rescramble all the pieces, toss them in the air and see where they fall. The Puzzle orthe traumatic “EVENT” is no longer intact.

The brain does this in order to survive, psychically.  It tucks various parts of the trauma away in different areas, like vision, scent, sound and so forth.  Later a scent may trigger a memory of the trauma?

For John McCain to have survived what he did at the Hanoi Hilton shows a level of ego strength that is extraordinary. This is not about having a big EGO like the Dems do, but the strength of the EGO! In a HERO.

My client did not have that amount of strength, and so he was self-medicating with as much as he could to drown out the pain. As we worked together, over the months, unpacking all the puzzle pieces one by one, by talking them out — he dropped one of the addictions. One day he came in and announced he was never going to drink again! He stopped cold turkey.  The therapeutic alliance formed with a caring therapist allows for the “CURE.”

Every day he would come to session he would announce how many days he had been “sober” with glee.

Lessening the meds allowed the feeling states to emerge in a healthy way, albeit slowly.

We had discussed the “chemical cocktail” he was loading himself up on everyday, and came to the conclusion that less might be better for him. We just worked on the most basic things, like beginning to eat well, letting him talk, cry, remember, process his emotions.  The nightmares lessened as well.

The physical landscape of the Vietnam War was different than this one. I worry for the levels of PTSD we are going to be seeing, and whether they will escalate.

I trust McCain far more than the Dems when it comes to choosing treatment modalities for our veterans. This was an interesting take off Alternet on that….

Especially this part:

“…Our drug enforcement agency is as cruel as the rapacious drug dealers. What would an Obama administration do?

There’s a very good chance, but it’s not a certainty, that a Democratic administration would say: “We’re not ready to legalise or decriminalise drugs, but we are ready to let the science go forward…”

In light of the fact the LAT had this up:

Is Biden the new Cheney?

Makes an Ex-Dem wonder, and wonder about lobbyists as well…no?

I trust John McCain, it’s as simple as that. I don’t trust the Democratic Party as far as I could throw them after what they did to Hillary Clinton. In fact, I see the Democratic Party as UNETHICAL right about now.

Ecstasy is the key to treating PTSD

Because I find this next article a bit odd — it’s the ETHICS of a thing like this…

An experimental study that treats PTSD veterans with the drug MDMA could make life after war a lot more livable.

“…We are preparing a protocol to submit to the FDA in February to train therapists for phase three studies,” he explained. “We’re going to ask permission to administer MDMA to therapist trainees, so they know what the drug is about, and so they can practice with one another. We’re transcribing audio and video of all the sessions, and developing a treatment manual. We’re initiating contact with another group interested in MDMA for cognitive behavioral therapy.”

So, what if it works? What if MDMA treatment of PTSD comes to pass, and everyone from rape and abuse victims to returning soldiers demand the catharsis that comes from ecstasy to help them normalize their turbulent lives? The scenario scares some politicians and physicians alike, but their fears of rampant XTC ravers gumming up the public works may, in the end, prove unfounded.

“It’s not going to be a normal prescription drug like the antidepressants,” promised Doblin. “It’s only going to be administered under therapist supervision. There would be a chain or network of clinics where use would be limited to special training. Patients would be requited to spend the night in the facility. It’s not like cannabis. Our approach is catharsis, enhancing the psychotherapeutic interchange. We want patients to integrate their trauma into their normal lives…”

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