My mother’s feminism, mine, and why I will vote PALIN in… (the too effing bad edition for mofos who messed with Hillary!) a primer o’ the SECOND WAVE who were not THE SECOND SEX!

These books were on my mother’s bookshelf.

This one below was on mine, along with poetry books by Erica Jong…

So, you could read these to get a sense of backdrop for late 70’s countercultural feminism and perhaps what that looked like?

It’s HETEROSEXUAL feminism?

That means MEN and WOMEN!


It also meant voting for the PROMOTION of WOMEN, not just in the GOVERNMENT but, hoping your sisters got promoted on the job too.  My pal Riverdaughter has a video up that shows what happened to the women’s movement in the 40 something set as they attack Sarah Palin.  Ummm, not such a good idea…

You should see this as a glass ceiling, because FEMINISM is about SISTERHOOD against all odds.

That is why we wanted Hillary.  And, in her absence I’m going Palin.

No, she doesn’t share a Green ex-Democrats values (I don’t think) — but, I will defend her to the end after the savage attacks on Hillary Clinton and if you don’t like it, too effing bad.

Maybe you aren’t a pretty girl like I am, and so you didn’t suffer what I did at the hands of MALES all my life.  Even to this day.  You can’t know what my feminism is any more than I can know yours.  Mine though has to do with being a writer, and like Simone or Betty above making a book called WHITEGIRL.  You will learn all about it in that book. I plan on finishing it AFTER this election cycle.

I’m not a lesbian and maybe you are.

I’m not bi-sexual and maybe you are.

I’m not transgender and maybe you are.

I’m heterosexual.  Men only, and there have been MANY.  In my life.

I’m pro-choice, pro-life, pro-birth control and sex education for heterosexuals.

I’m for equal pay for equal WORK, and for the advancement of women into LEADERSHIP roles.

Those roles may or may not share my POLITICS.

The sham the Democratic Party foolishly decided to dump Hillary Clinton for?

He’s a sexist pig, and so are his brethren, after what he did to Hillary with that finger action.  We are so close in age you wouldn’t believe it.  Ask him about Barry White, Al Green, and Sanford and Son why don’t you?

Or how about SOUL TRAIN.

We grew up listening to the same things, and watching them on TV.

What he did to Hillary is INEXCUSABLE and HE IS A MOFO nonpareil in my book.

A few little reads from feminists in the WEB today…………..

Saturday: Women Swiftboating Sarah

click to watch a non-feminist video and read Riverdaughter, or a MAJOR FEMINIST pal Violet below:

How did we go from Tomato Nation’s “Yes, You Are” to this?

“…Five years ago, Tomato Nation published a post that rapidly became legend. It was emailed, re-posted, printed out, probably even framed somewhere. Maybe you remember it. It was called “Yes, You Are.”

Here it is:

Yes, You Are

feminism n (1895) 1 : the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes 2 :feminist n or adjfeministicadj organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests —

Above, the dictionary definition of feminism — the entire dictionary definition of feminism. It is quite straightforward and concise. If you believe in, support, look fondly on, hope for, and/or work towards equality of the sexes, you are a feminist…”

What a feminist does if her “sister” has been offended is give the BOYZ the finger back so HARD it HURTS.

That is what you did to HILLARY, Democratic Party.

Go f*ck yourself!

It’s hard to EVEN BE CIVIL, at this point…

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