California ex-Democrats want John McCain’s MAIN STREET, you tell us about PELOSI, SOROS, AND OBAMA, will you Bill Clinton?

Funny, once you start to research a little — you begin to realise the lies the Democratic Party has been telling you, no? I mean, what is the deal here — could this melt down have been orchestrated on purpose just so Obama and his cronies overseas could set up something called the “National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank?” Funny thing, no?

Because, the ad above is a little bit strange, isn’t it? Like somebody forsaw all this…

So, what is this DEAL with OBAMA’S PLAN in the ad below, Mr. Clinton. The American people trusted you when you were our President. Can you fill us in now?

Because, we aren’t understanding this BIG FAILURE very well, are we?

So, what is this deal with PELOSI and the PAYGO plan? It seems like this article I’m referencing was written back in JANUARY and somebody knew about what was coming back then, didn’t they?

PAYGO Divides Dems Crafting Stimulus Plan

“…Democratic leaders are stressing they want to work with President Bush and Republicans to get a bipartisan deal done quickly. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is meeting today with Minority Leader John Boehner and Minority Whip Roy Blunt. “The serious problems with our national economy require that we meet without delay to discuss a bipartisan response on behalf of the American people,” Pelosi wrote in a letter requesting the meeting. A bicameral leadership meeting with Bush is to take place on Tuesday, although ostensibly the purpose of the meeting is to discuss the president’s Middle East trip.

In a letter to Pelosi yesterday, Boehner and Blunt urged that the measure “not become a vehicle for unrelated spending that has no place in an economic stimulus package.” They urged “tax increases masked as offsets” required by PAYGO be jettisoned…”

Maybe Bill Clinton could explain what PAYGO is to all of us ex-Democrats. Mostly though, we want to understand PELOSI’s ROLE in all of this — especially her connections to Obama and Soros? You probably know about those I bet.

Who’s Afraid of Pay-Go?

Understanding PAYGO: Questions and Answers

You see, this year?


Dem leadership on display — not a pretty picture

“…The first year of Democrat congressional leadership in 15 years has ended not with a bang but a thud. Reid and Pelosi spent the entire year trying to show their extreme left support groups that they could turn Pelosi logic into federal law. It was a miserable failure. In the end, they had to try to cram a year’s worth of legislation down the throats of the American citizens in just a week’s time. That also failed. The best they could do was to come up with a “no energy” bill and a temporary Omnibus bill to keep federal paychecks coming.

Why was their mission such a failure? Pelosi’s “Pay-go” system was fraudulently sold to the American people as a system whereby the Congress would spend only the money they take in from taxes and cut back on special interest pork barrel project spending. So when every bill the House passed contained not less, but more pork, and instead of cutting spending they raised it and added tax increases to pay for it, President Bush vetoed every one. Pelosi and Reid were no more honest with themselves than they were with the American people…”

Wouldn’t it be best to get that out in the open, soon?

I’m voting for John McCain because he is an honest AMERICAN.


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