My Voting Strategy — Courage

I’m going to vote for the person that I feel has the most courage in this election.

This graphic sums up my thoughts. And so does this one of a globe, below. This is the year that I have contemplated what it means to me to be an American. I took it for granted all these years, because I have felt safe here. Safe with my Presidents, safe inside my country. Safe.

Not any more.

This is the first year I have ever seen someone try and buy the American Presidency.

This is someone who favors a logo, over our flag.

This is someone who would prefer to destroy our nation.

This is someone who has taken our nation for granted.

On the opposite side, we have a man in John McCain who has served this country’s ideals all of his life.

We face the next four years in utter turmoil, based on the wreckage that will be left when the current administration leaves. And leave they will. Scot free. I had hoped, as a Democrat all of my life, to vote for Hillary Clinton. It seemed like order could be restored, here. That she and Bill Clinton could put together a team to solve all the problems. That somehow the Democrats would rally around her, using their talents and specialties to work on the economy, solve this war, fix poverty in this country, halt global warming — you know, the usual stuff all the Democrats tend to think about.

That’s not what happened.

I’ve seem venom unleashed in this election. Actual venom.

That wouldn’t have happened had we had the Clintons.

Each day watching the news unfold, with its slanted headlines, its purchased advertorials, its trademarked slogans, its speeches for sale, its product placement of the American Presidency — has sickened me.

I long for the things that can restore order after chaos in this country.

I long for a President I can trust.

I could care less what color skin that President inhabits. Or what gender.

What I want to see is courage and character in that person who will represent the country as a whole.

And, I guess I want a fighter who will reform all the broken and corrupt things around Washington. I had no idea there were so many until these least months. It matters what the big money interests think they can buy. It matters that the media is corrupt. It matters that there are no real journalists, and reporters. It matters that much of the world hates us, now.

It will be worse with another puppet President.

The quality I like best in McCain is something I recognize in myself. Valor. He is a person who does the right thing. That’s proven. Leaders should be able to discern what the right thing is. Leaders should have ethics. When I look at the globe below, I see our tiny country and all that it stands for, and has stood for. There are lots of countries always rising and falling. There are lots of dictators. There are monarchies. There are also democracies.

What we have seen in this election has tended toward Fascism. Last time the world saw that it was in Italy in the 30’s. Nobody in America has ever lived under an ideology like that, here.

I think that the American psyche would tend to revolt against that type of tyranny.

Tyranny is what we have just experienced. This is a modern day Coup d’état

The hostile takeover of all we as Americans have taken for granted.

It takes courage to cast a vote for a Political Party you know nothing about. To go from being a Democrat to a Republican is not something I thought I’d ever see myself doing. This year is different. The political party that used to represent all of my values has changed, and I fear what they will do to this country. I fear that.

We don’t even know where all that money came from do we? What we know is that it is tainted by lies.

But we saw John McCain follow the rules. That’s all that matters to me.

I know that he stands for all of us, under one flag.

If you read that logo like the symbols of political regimes past, and you think of a really dumbed down proletariat — which it is, ponder what would be next and you see 1930, all over again.

The courageous among us can see all this as it has unfolded before us in our own lifetime.

The courageous among us will vote against oppression, censorship and misogyny — all elements of an emerging fascist regime. The courageous among us are going to have to cross the Party line this year.

A vote for John McCain will be a vote against impending fascism.

A vote for John McCain will take courage, and the courage of this nation to do the right thing in a crisis, against whatever global forces that have backed his opposition financially. Those forces would see us destroyed from within. We can’t let that happen. We can’t let our flag become a blank slate, can we?

My friends over at The Confluence inspired me, as usual to think! I just love them, and their voices. I don’t know how I would have gotten through the last months without Riverdaughter. I really don’t. To read their essays on using reason and logic in this election you can go to these links:

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