Finding inner calm through rajah yoga — Mountain Pose

Maxfield Parrish
Maxfield Parrish

For a raja yogin, the path is not so easy in this lifetime.

They are thinking all the time, and it is hard sometimes to get a peaceful feeling inside.  The physical practice of yoga gave me a breathing space that I cherished, and also, each yoga teacher I had taught me more about stillness.

I was able to learn to “ground” myself — and so, I’ll share a pose that makes you feel just like this Maxfield Parish print.  It was taught to me by Ed.  He came from the very peaceful tradition up at Esalen.

Also, Osha Ray — she is one of my most marvelous teachers, ever…

To feel like this on the inside?




Stand wherever you are.  Best is barefoot, but you can also do it in shoes.  Just begin to imagine the strength in a mountain.  The mountain contains life, and the life forces.  As you imagine yourself to be that mountain gently rock from your toes to your heels at whatever pace feels most comfortable until you feel yourself settle into yourself.

Feel the strength of the mountain inside.

Now take a deep breath, then exhale.

Breathe in something new, and exhale something old.

Imagine all the lifeforms on the mountain — as these are all part of you as well.

You can clasp your hands together as in the image above and turn towards the sun or even the moon.

Feel your chest expanding as you breathe.

Breathe from the heart center.

The color is green, at this chakra.  Breathe in green, breathe out green.

Now, let yourself rock from side to side just slightly.  Feel that your feet are still connected to the earth.  Allow yourself to experience the texture at hand.  What scents are you aware of?  Can you feel the breeze?  Allow yourself to just experience what it is to be.

Drop your arms at your sides, and do a few shoulder rolls, as you like.  Just breathe.

Experience the PEACE that comes from just one minute of stopping.

This election and the war are very difficult for sensitive people on the face of the earth.  I found a place that is so great this morning — some musicians are putting together a project that illuminates so many different things.

You can experience them here:

Clash of Civilizations

They are just exceptional in terms of the music and deep soul they exhibit in the musical video above that you can see if you click the link and go.

Namaste and may you find the peace within practicing MOUNTAIN POSE…

My friend and teacher OSHA has developed a plan for everyone — she wrote a book called “Stretch Break” — that can be used in offices! — it’s a wonderful start — for people to begin the practice!

Click and go see what she has developed!


4 thoughts on “Finding inner calm through rajah yoga — Mountain Pose

  1. Happy New Year, friend. I feared that I lost you. Rick gifted me with a new laptop for Christmas and it took me forever to refind you.

    You, my friend blessed me several years ago with yoga and just today, like most days I practiced in my yoga community here in Las VEgas. Your talk on Mountain pose made me smile as my instructor today began our practice in Mountain.

    Joyful in the journey, friend. How be you? hugs


  2. Hey you!

    I’m glad you found me again. I was worried for you in this economy, Iris — hope it is okay in Vegas — and glad Rick is by your side.

    Iris, you would make a fab yoga teacher, you know that?

    GF, I need my practice back!

    as in like soon!

    ps: happy bd if I missed it?

    hugs, you.


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