Classical Antiquity, redux … or how to save the planet, quickly!

caryatid-porchWell, it’s just not that difficult.

To try and change the grid. The old grid is going out of business, fast. It is.

How could you make a new sustainable grid?

1. Reintroduce craftsmanship and vocational training in the arts and architecture as necessary to humanity’s actual survival.

2. Use an indigenous model to create global housing based on what is available in the local landscape — for example rammed earth or straw bale, or masonry — even wood if that is plentiful.

3. Invest in small farms for sustainable food on a small community based level. Use of an organic model will decrease runoff that is polluting the sea and watersheds.

4. Use glass or paper for all packaging of food — and eliminate the plastic global contamination.

5. Use new technologies for paper — such as bamboo or other sustainables.

6. Rethink transport in small communities — use horses?

7. Use adobe brick thick walled building methods from the Southwest/North Africa and skylights! — buildings should be able to function with natural daylight — once you add glass doors inside and rethink the use of the sun as primary luminary.

8. Teach a respect for nature.

9. Teach methods for rainwater collection and take the model around the world into drought-stricken areas.

10. Broker peace through Socratic dialogue!

11.  Teach people to read and write in their own languages all around the world! — then encourage fluency in multiple languages.  Encourage each culture to share their diverse poets and artisans and musicians with others…

12. Use candles at night to light houses or hurricane lamps. This will cut electrical costs overnight.

13. All countries and tribes have indigenous foods — allow them to produce their own!

14. Use a homeopathic medical model — rather than target-marketed medicines no one needs.

15. Halt the cloning of Soylent food.

16. Teach better nutrition by cooking from scratch.

17. Manage overpopulation through teaching the fertility cycle.

18. Fix the bee problem by halting GM foods.

19. Stabilize the global food chain.

20. Halt war between countries and encourage trade of artifacts between different cultures.

21. Use the ocean for hydro-power and electric power — or use the wind where that is available.

22. Support global diversity rather than attempting to superimpose a model.

That’s it for today. It’s just not that difficult to make a switch back to an earlier era for the planet’s sake right now.

3 thoughts on “Classical Antiquity, redux … or how to save the planet, quickly!

  1. Great ideas Bonnaire…perhaps going to happen anyway. I can’t recall where I read this, but there will be eventually a turn from the Walmarts back to the more local the oil supply, etc diminishes.
    I particularly appreciated #22 as well as your suggestion for literacy in the home language…
    other good ideas as well…



  2. HDP! It’s been ages!

    Nice to see your crisp tux again.

    Well — it could work…

    If the world was willing to try. Because otherwise?

    I don’t even want to think about what will take place given what I read on Global Warming out of London.


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