An article for Senator Grassley and Senator McCain — on medical ethics, psychiatry and the DSM…

We talked a little about Maslow the other day. His concept of the Hierarchy of Needs as applies to humanistic psychology. This is an article about the practitioner’s bible that both of these Senators should know about.

I find it unethical to be prescribing drugs such as Prozac for two year olds? But that’s just me.

Given the levels of pharma now found in watersheds and the ocean itself this is now a food chain issue.

Senator Grassley has already delved into the financial kickbacks, himself, and this industry. Perhaps he should be involved some more, and, perhaps he should sit on the FDA’s panel? And the DSM?

As regards this:

Psychiatric manual’s update needs openness, not secrecy, critics say

“….When it first appeared in the 1950s, psychiatry was dominated by Freud’s model of psychological suffering, one that was resolvable by talking out the conflict with a therapist. Yet even then, drugs were appearing for relief of psychotic symptoms, and leadership in the profession has since passed to psychiatrists with an alternative model of biology and genetics as the source of emotional problems.

As the field has changed, the number of disorders in the DSM has tripled to 300, an increase paralleled by the rise in sales of drugs that pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrists tout as remedies for emotional suffering.

Some critics suspect a quest for profits may have encouraged the field to create mental illnesses out of personality quirks. One such argument has emerged from an unlikely source: a Northwestern University professor of English…”

Read that whole article and you can see the direction that book has taken?

That’s just a whole lot of profit when you consider all the target-marketing being done isn’t it?

I so trust John McCain on his ethics. In fact, I trust his ethics so much I left the Democratic Party this year just to vote for him, once Hillary was no longer in the running.

This is an important article as regards what Senator Grassley uncovered…

Bill Aims to Increase Transparency

“…The bill, proposed by Senator Charles E. Grassley, a Republican from Iowa who has been an outspoken critic of such ties, would require public disclosure of industry payments over $100.

The legislation follows the passage of a similar law in Massachusetts this August that required the medical industry to publicly disclose gifts worth more than $50. The Grassley bill would make all research-related funding public as well.

Pharmaceutical industry ties have been a particularly hot issue at the Medical School this past year, prompting student protests last fall over the level of disclosure for professors receiving money from medical corporations, and bringing HMS national scrutiny this summer, when Grassley reported that psychiatrist Joseph Biederman of Harvard-affiliated Mass. General Hospital received $1.6 million in consulting and speaking fees from the makers of drugs he used to treat children for bipolar disorders.

Grassley later accused psychiatrists at Stanford and Emory of failing to disclose similar industry ties.

Jill Kozeny, the senator’s communications director, said Grassley’s goal is to create an open environment in medical school research and education.

“He wants it all on the table, to lay it all out, so we can make judgments,” she said…”

Transparency! What a concept! — and an ethical FDA!

Doesn’t that make absolute sense?

Ummm, hmmm…

As an aside this article was pretty interesting too — on the concept of Depression viewed through Maslow.

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