Second Wave Feminism — what it looked like!

Swanky role models of the time!

bonnieHere is a guide for the fashionable set — role models and clothes of the era.

It was a very nostalgic time back then.  I recall those films of the time.  The Great Gatsby, They Shoot Horses Don’t They?, Day of the Locust and so forth.

My mom took me to all of them!

Faye and I have the same birthday, Umm, hmm.

At that time I wore berets all the time and I also collected Vintage fashion — it was readily available.  My uncle used to go to Western Costume when they had sales — he had trunks of costumes!

From the 30’s.

I just bought a pair of jeans the other day — in the Junior section that remind me of a pair he gave me back then — totally 30’s — dark, flared, high-waisted and so forth.

So major discussions have been taking place about Feminism in the web and I found this article from the Ford Foundation.

It would make an interesting read now — to see what was said — especially since we all lived out the reality of what FEMINISM was fighting for!

Here is a picture of a Young Edwardian Dress! (omg! — that was me in high school I guess — just like her!)

I loved Young Edwardian and Betsey Johnson was a fav designer of mine.

I didn’t like Home Ec. much, but, I did love the patterns BJ did for Butterick at that time.  I got almost all of them and I made a dress with fluttery little sleeves and a dropped waist and a sash…

Others wore Gunne Sax.

This was one of my fav models, and I read this mag religiously!

seventeenTo get a sense of the “mood” of the times all you have to do is go down the headlines and see what girls were thinking about?

We were.

My mother *was* fashion.

So, so was I.

She had Vogue.

I had Seventeen.

Memory Lane!

This is bringing up an episode with my best friend, as we stood in the bathroom of the Victorian house her mother bought after the divorce.  My friend was shattered after that.  She  went looking for love too fast, and sometimes in the wrong places.  My life was very sheltered, then.

That night, we were going to sneak downtown — to this place called “The Bluebird” — a jazz band was playing and so we were putting on makeup — she had “Shy Brown” eyeshadow — I can see it — her mother came to the door and looked at us, all dressed up in Vintage finery (well, I was) — my friend tended to favor little white cotton summer dresses like slips?

Her mom must have been in her early forties.

She just looked at us — and she said: “You girls are just coming up.”

Little did we know.

I had probably just seen this film.

I loved it.

This film showed me everything no adult was ever going to talk to me about!

(and, I was riding horses all the time — so I loved those parts of it too!)

Memory Lane!


It is a tale not unlike Romeo and Juliet?

This was childhood for tail end baby boomers…

It looked just like this! (in my world)…

Actually this film made me want to move to the Camargue, the minute I saw it!

I think I was about fourteen.

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