This is the ONLY Politician in AMERICA I TRUST. JOHN McCAIN! — (plus read an excellent POLITICAL essay by my friend flyingsongster)…

You know, John McCain wouldn’t be letting all this bad stuff happen right now, if he were the PRESIDENT.

Here he is on TWITTER. I plan on having a list of politicians I feel that I can trust along my sidebar. He caps it, today. He loves this country. Seeing what he is saying is like having a pulse? I bet he writes his own speeches too. He’s brilliant that way. I saw him give a lecture the other night on TV.


I got a comment here by my friend Song whose blog is down right now — but, it is such a worthy essay right now I can’t even tell you — and since I have permission — I’m publishing it. It was in the comments section of my last post. The one on the homeless…

I see it touched a nerve…



2009 March 3

America reminds me of a man with a family who owns a house and gives his salary to the neighbors while his own roof is leaking and his children are going hungry. Obama gives money to Palestine while the US government supplies the Israeli’s the bombs?

Hello??? Is anyone thinking here?

The issue of the current homeless and disenfranchised has more to do with Reaganomics, and the Republicans keeping the war machine well oiled with billions of dollar contracts. Capitalism has more to do with trading goods and services in a free market. Whenever you have an elite few controlling the property and social interests of the many, you do not have capitalism, you have socialism, which is what America has been for many years. What Reagan did was to up the ante with the old Soviet Union by accellerating the arms race. It was a stare down, and the Soviets lost. But Americans lost as well, as their money was no longer being put in the infrastructure, but in the military industrial complex. So Reagan did what Empire builders do…kept America in a constant state of war by stoking the war machine.

Americans through taxes have not received the government services they have paid for. If the Government were a business it would be, and is bankrupt..

On the otherhand the Democrats today are busily robbing the bank, borrowing the future and redistributing some earned wealth to others. Because they view the free market as the bane of civilization they want to impede its growth and development through legislation and restrictions, which ultimately quashes the creative human spirit. Democrats do not understand that small businesses and corporations are owned by people, just like them. They believe that non productive people are a result of social inequities caused by capitalism, and therefore, productivity is something which should be governed and owned by the few among them in the Government who know what’s best for the rest of us. Democrats of today do not understand that Franklin Roosevelt did not get America out of the Depression through social programs, but through World War II. So essentially, he fired up the war machine, which is what Empires do…

Wars create the need for replacable goods. They serve the needs of Empires.

Not Republics. (almost an old fashioned way to think) I have other thoughts about what is happening which I for the sake of brevity won’t share tonight.

So you have just a brief answer, because the answers are far more complex than a few paragraphs. I could explain, how the government has created the inequities. One need look no further than the racism in the Democrat South of the sixties to begin to unravel why men like Frank Davis chose Communism over either party. It is understandable.

And then of course Alan Greenspan…and the Federal Reserve, but that is a book. We could move into a discussion of Free trade agreements which were out of balance. We could discuss the debt we now owe the Chinese, since we are no longer producing goods, but borrowing money to buy them. We could begin to grasp why both parties have done nothing to stop illegal immigration, since both have a vested interest in cheap labor and a permanent shadow class of citizens.

The question you need to ask yourself as you look out of your kitchen window at the roses, is should you be allowed to have private ownership of your house and your property, or should the government? Who knows better how to manage your life, you or the government? Do you believe as you get into your car to drive somewhere that Capitalism is evil?

If so, I recommend you trade your car in for a donkey and a cart, give away your private property and let the homeless man move into your house, with his family and friends. You see?

If our taxes had been spent correctly, we would have an infrastructure that is not crumbling, taking lives as it does. In this way, I am a social liberal, because I do believe that people should pay taxes for the privilege of living in a country. What I do not believe is that social liberals or social conservatives should utilize those taxes to pay for either war, or other nations’ needs, until our own needs are met. That is simple isn’t it? In the end, I do not believe that a true capitalist exports their way of life through debt or coercion but through fair and balanced trade. Neither of which exists today. The marketplace when fully unimpeded answers the needs of the people. The Government when not impeded denies the individual personal freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.

Most Democrats express the highest level of hypocrisy, purloining the fruits of capitalism all the while negating its value. Most Republicans express the highest level of hypocrisy by wanting to legislate what people do with their bodies and telling people what God to worship while believing a free market is the moral crux of achievement. How can either one, in the end have the intellectual acumen to address the current crisis, the developing culture and the monopolies they have both supported (through acceptance of lobbying monies, etc.) which thwarts the creative spirit.

So I have added a few paragraphs for you to read. Maybe next time we might discuss why the homeless man is a byproduct of the one world global dream—dreamed by a handful of patriarchs, who still have not learned from their solar god structure how to count past one.

In the end, I believe in the glory of the human mind, the compassion in the human heart, and the goodness of humanity. I believe in that hope that knows that evil is temporary, and that the human spirit, will prevail…no matter how dark it seems.

3 thoughts on “This is the ONLY Politician in AMERICA I TRUST. JOHN McCAIN! — (plus read an excellent POLITICAL essay by my friend flyingsongster)…

  1. Dear Bonnaire,

    Thank you for publishing my thoughts.

    I meant to tell you and Huntingdon how strongly I feel in behalf of gay and lesbian rights. Many years ago, when I was young, I could not have said this, but life had another plan for me, to stretch my limited heart and mind, to teach me to know/understand what a paradox life can be, how demanding yet fulfilling. Stepping over the line was the most costly and revelatory act I have ever known—forbidden love. Woman to woman.

    To have known me, when I was young, you would have met a person who did not have written in her DNA, the differentiation clause that comes through cultural mores and accepted paths. To know me now, you would find, after all, the same woman. I have never understood why we allow the limits of our consciousness, our prejudices to set a pattern on our lives; why we cannot understand that essentially we are not our bodies alone, but the sum of our thoughts as well– which may or may not be expressing the universality of consciousness: and the totally of our hearts, which may or may not be beating to the rhythms of what composes the love between two adults.
    Be that as it may, I believe that only when we are able to understand the essence of human love, will we understand that in all of its expression, it begins not by the walk of one single person, but by the walk of two, in the direction of growth and fulfillment, in the direction of enlightenment, as to what composes us, what enlivens us, what announces our unique presences upon this earth. For without human love we cannot find ourselves, we remain lost to our fullest potential; we live as sleepwalkers in a dream.

    No one, not family or friends dissuaded me from my conviction that love knows no body, love chooses no port, outside of family relations, love in all of its mystery, just is. When I was young I suffered the prejudice of those who believed in the illusion of choice, in the illusion of body, in the illusion of actions without awareness, without reason, without heart and mind. Yet, while I was clearly aware of their misgivings, I was not deterred by my certainty. And to this day, I live my life in accordance—understanding that personal freedom is the result of the hardest choices and the easiest congruences. Whether we as persons can read the landscape of love and personal growth depends on whether we can read the map of synchronicities, the union of consciousness and the mystery of ourselves as we find reflections of the universal self in the other.

    Perhaps my answer seems to be so very far from reality; so high and remote, yet, in each point in my life, whether through shallow acquaintance to profoundly enveloping passion, I have learned that all points were leading to an internal summit, that only courage and honesty would ascend; that each note in my life was not unlike all other lives, and somewhere in the midst of it all was the yearning to love and be loved. Simple. Love is the sacred dance that cannot be danced alone. Love as well, demands that we ultimately see through the illusion of self, into the consummation of union. Love is the melting away of identity into a new identity. Love is the sacred fire which burns away the dross elements of personality. We cannot ever limit it by prejudice or we may never find love at all

    Yet love is not just about likenesses, it is about differences. It is equally about complementary opposites. I am certain that Rumi understood this when he met his inspiration, Shams. I am certain that no poetry would have been bourne to the world, without the gnawing differences that gathered the two together, to bring each to greater personal clarity, as they faceted the jewels of their separate natures. I realize as well, that what I am writing may not fully apply to every life, for all lives are not destined to be Rumis or Shams, but all human beings are constructed to know the territory of love, whether they find it or not– and in this, I find the greatest source of my hope.

    I know that all gay people do not love one another. I know that all heterosexuals do not love one another. But all who DO know what it means to love understand intrinsically, how love happens, not by what choices are made to make it so. Our conscious choices decide what we personally as individuals will become, where we focus our thoughts, and how we act either in or out of accordance with life/nature/society; whether we have ethics or values; whether we support our consciousness with harmony and beauty or whether we live merely in the appearances of the world, so haphazardly and currently still in “construction”; how we educate ourselves; what paths of knowledge we choose to pursue; how we construct our world view from our belief system and what experiences we have which we perceive with inner wholistic awareness to bring us further along the continuum of personal growth. Because this world is unfinished, it is our task to find knowledge, by bringing ourselves to awareness and understanding, by right actions in our daily lives, by supplementing our beliefs with unanswered questions, so that in the end we may say, how little we still know for how long we have been seeking -for this is what composes wisdom. We also know that before we learned about life, we were asleep. We know how difficult it was to awaken at times to ourselves, so we understand why our fellow travelers err.

    At the end of the day, though I have few solaces in the fabricated world as it is, I have great solace in the world I know and have known. There are no scattered prejudices upon the landscape of my heart—except this one, that no human-created god who condones the suffering of others, who punishes others for differences, who preaches the message which impinges upon the freedom of human growth, ought be tolerated. If the great teachers have taught nothing else, each in his/her own way, have condemned the intolerant god of their various cultures, knowing full well, I am certain, the secrets of love which compelled their voices to sing.

    And still I have said so little………for there is so much more to say


  2. It’s nearly spring, a~

    Was in Santa Cruz on business last week and thought of you. So close but… The rain stopped just long enough for us to enjoy the three days.

    I called your little phone a while back and left a message though I fear you don’t use or listen to it often.

    Hope all is well, friend. Jim Brown and his wife are coming to Vegas tomorrow for the EPPIE awards. Jolie will be here too. Planning on seeing them sometime on Thursday during one of there breaks.

    Miss ya!



  3. Iris — give them my best. I miss the days we all wrote, once upon a time.

    GF. You know who I really miss the most? Bob Buckley. He was such a fab soul.

    Sometimes I go look to see what he’s up to? But I don’t spend much time there.

    ps: Kindle, GF. The new deal. For me. Soon.

    I miss you. Glad all’s well. Ah well. Nothing new to report on any fronts.

    hugs, and xxoo!


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