Ecopsychology, Assessment, children, Sardello, research from America — in the wake of Germany’s tragedy —

I had spoken a bit about the Object Relations treatment modality earlier in many pieces that talked about “the Self” and how it forms.  I want to talk now about the tragedy that just occurred in Germany in the hopes I can make a scholarly refferal to someone who may be of help in this case.

When I studied child development under  Dr.Watkins I wrote a paper on children and pre-scripted computer games.

Given this recent tragedy and others — I am posting my research live online in the hope my scholarship will be of some use in the wake of this:

“…Investigators were still struggling yesterday to understand the motives of a teenager whose obsession with fictional violence might have contributed to the all too real blood-bath that has shattered the normally quiet town in which he grew up…”

The scholar Robert Sardello’s work may be of help and here is a link to some of his articles, and others that can possibly be of help to investigators in this case.  I had talked a bit about Sardello’s research into a possible “sociopathic soul” because of not allowing the imaginal to develop in children because of forcing them to play pre-scripted games (before age 9)?

Here is an article from the New York Times on this—-(back in 1984)—-


I’ll excerpt from that here:

“…When children sit ”almost motionless, pushing at the keyboard with one finger” and conjure up birds and flowers on the screen, Mr. Davy says, there are ”no smells or tastes, no wind or birdsong.” He speaks out against ”putting away childish things like making sand castles, feeding real turtles,” referring to the artificial turtles featured in Mr. Papert’s computer program, called LOGO. He scorns computer enthusiasts who say that if you do not learn to control computers early, they will control you.

The most dramatic attack comes from Robert J. Sardello, a psychotherapist who is director of studies at the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture. He charges that the computer-dominated school will create a generation of psychopaths because ”the psychopath does everything effortlessly, freely, without any sense of inhibition, restraint or suppression.” Like the computer, he says, computer-programmed education is without soul…”

Now, if this article was from back in 1984, obviously we have a generation of children, now adult, who grew up this way and perhaps have given birth to their own children.  Has the increased use of PHARMACOLOGY dispensed to children in the form of [PROZAC-RITALIN-PAXIL-ZOLOFT] et al — developed from a need to “placate” the natural urges of children to run, learn and be free as they should be? (see KIPNIS research).

There is a phenomena all over the world right now called the EMO children?

Here is more on that:

The EMO tribe alerted me to what is going on in their inner worlds.

This is from the UNCYCLOPEDIA Wiki: — EMO

“…Emo (from Latin: “to buy, purchase, pronounced eeee-moe) is a type of subculture (rather distinctly from the 21st Century) loosely rooted around punk rock with its own distinct style of music, fashion, argot and other trappings in a desperate, though ultimately hopeless attempt to pronounce their uniqueness. As a rule of thumb, a person described as “emo” (falling under certain behavior mannerisms and attire correlating with the subculture) will often be from a comfortable, middle-class background with understanding, pleasant parents. All of this is irrelevant to an emo who will consider themselves misunderstood and repressed regardless of reality. Any urologist would say that these very emotional people need to be encouraged by the rest of society to help them out of this state of existing, or technically not existing…”

I’m curious about what pharma they may be on?  And why they are suicidal.

To be suicidal on such a mass level is a RED FLAG.

Here is a link to the way they are using CUTTING.  Are the MEDS causing this?

Has use of PRE-SCRIPTED GAMES caused this?

Psychiatric Drug Bingo

This is an excellent article to read…

“…Millions of young people are either being misdiagnosed or prescribed the wrong medications for depression or related illnesses. My struggle is similar, although not quite as severe as some of the young people today who taken dozens of medications to combat their mental illnesses.

I should go farther back to more accurately depict my journey through the mental health system. Pinpointing the beginning of my depression is hard, if not impossible. What I do remember vividly are my experiences with taking psychiatric drugs once I was more or less forced out of my ongoing denial of my depression. My reluctance stemmed from trying to avoid being labeled as weak or being boxed into the stereotypes of an attention-seeker, or even “emo.”

Medication for depression is common today, as is my experience of coercion to take psychiatric medication. The number of antidepressant medications available is vast, and includes but is not limited to Prozac, Zoloft and Lexapro.

Increased suicidal behavior linked to antidepressants is getting more and more attention in the media. Influxes of articles detailing this have appeared, along with studies finding that young people from ages 18 to 24 experience increased suicidal thoughts However, the problem arguably isn’t being taken as seriously as it can be, still…”

The imagination develops primarily before age 9 when we look at Jean Piagets Work

In other words, a child has to be “making up” little games on their own.  This could look like just being outside in NATURE and building a little make believe “castle” out of sticks and then playing make believe games?  Sardello believed that playing pre-scripted games during this period would stifle the development of the creative/imaginal and lead to non-empathy?  (Non achievement of the Depressive Position?)

Here is an important article to read by Dr. Kipnis on boys and child development.

My sense is that the DEPRESSION is linked to the pre-scripted games, lack of play and lack of the imaginal.  Also, I wonder if, with the level of advanced intelligence these kids have, if we could develop a model to use play therapy later, in order to combat what the computer/psychiatry may have wreaked on these kids.

After reading the article out of London, and thinking about this I would want to ask these questions:

1.  At what age did the boy begin to use the computer?

2.  How many hours per day were spent playing the violent games?

3.  Were there psychiatric meds prescribed and at what age did that start?

4.  Had the boy withdrawn from psychiatric meds by himself before this rampage?

5.  What caused the suicidality as a discrete event.  What was going on in the family system as backdrop/stress factors.

My graduate thesis was on using films as diagnostics — or aids to assess or treat.  I recently saw the old classic “Harold and Maude.” from the 70’s.  The lead character is also acting out as the EMO children are in our era — now 2009.  We might take a look at “control” on the part of the mother’s character in that film — she offers Harold little choice?  How might that emotional straightjacket be impacting children ala pre-scripted computer games?  Especially violent games such as the ones the boy appeared to play? We would want to look at that especially in the years leading to age 9?

Here is an assessment tool from Play Therapy you can use as a diagnostic for the EMO children:

Ecopsychology: Systems Theory, Matrix, Culture and looking into the EMO sense of self…(part 5)

It would be interesting to view the “Harold and Maude” character in tandem with the boy depicted in the film “Into the Wild” and then discuss the parental system in terms of both of these adolescent boys  — via therapists watching the films.

Here is an article from the NYT on a child’s use of the computer at pre-verbal stages from 2001:

STATE OF THE ART; Itsy-Bitsy Spider Meets the Mouse

Sardello’s research may prove to be very, very important in the diagnosis of future tragedies such as these?

6 thoughts on “Ecopsychology, Assessment, children, Sardello, research from America — in the wake of Germany’s tragedy —

  1. This is a stunning piece. Did you eat today?????? Did you?

    What work….you have wrought for the young…

    thank you.

    If we connect our children to nature, to earth again…and to ourselves

    we won’t have this problem…

    and the meds?

    you are so right….

    so right.

    Bless you Bonnaire..

    now eat!


  2. See, once a therapist — always a therapist, Song.
    Only now it is the world?

    the anima mundi — ?

    So there are these larger things –?

    As well. If I just was back with my old colleagues — or if I was working at a job there would be less time to worry.

    I wish I was just an airhead —- but? Nooooooooooooo…..
    Too bad for me.


  3. You need to go to Yoga….
    and swim…


    Go see your friend at the nursery…
    and add oxygen to the atmosphere….!!!!!!!!!!

    the anima mundi will be so grateful….

    and the birds will be so happy to see you…

    And you don’t believe a word I am typing

    do you genius girl?

    so grateful…


  4. thank you! for knowing me — and being a Cancer! — see, that’s like a mom?
    it’s a forte.

    Capricorn. Well, let’s just say, we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders —–

    tomorrow I will go, and I have to publish something soon — I swear –really –for my own bank account.

    there is a lot I could write Song — lots of different stuff now that might be important to the world — or at least it would make me feel that all that education was for something?

    hugs. thanks. tomorrow I will do all the goodies I like…. swimming.
    eating…. you know.


  5. Promise me you will………….do all the goodies you like…

    You can write so much… can write anything….
    because why????

    genius girl..


    You must feed your soul…with impressions…that will sustain you…

    and your body with food…

    The birds will sing in delight….
    at the sight of you as you walk by…


    song – fortemom


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