“It hurts,” Gavin — to have to tell you this, but Jerry Brown is the only Dem I could vote for in 2010!

Because he has a track record, and he just said he wouldn’t raise taxes.  Now, I just got your little mailer — you know the one?

It has you standing there looking very puzzled against the blue California sky — hand on your chin.  Dude?

Puzzled is not what California needs.  And given what Dianne Feinstein and other Democratic Women in this district pulled in terms of NOT SUPPORTING Hillary Clinton for the presidency around here — and allowing this total mess we are in right now?  Californians are in a quandry.

We really are.  For me, it’s going to be Meg Whitman or Jerry Brown this year — because I think they can do a better job.  You see, the partiers in the house aren’t doing a very good job, are they?  And given that tent city up in Sacramento these days?  Hmmmm……

You see, the Dems really split in half this year.  They really did.


It’s just that simple.

I’ve got news for you too Gav — that little place you are holding your talk here?

Well — every night, the BODIES OF HOMELESS AMERICAN VETERANS SLEEP THERE! Right in front.

See, I don’t think Jerry Brown is fooled by any of this posturing around Washington, do you?

In fact, I bet he remembers the protests in California during the Vietnam era.  See, Gav — It looks like this! — in California, all over the place right now.  It really does — doesn’t it?

And Sacramento looks like this!

I felt really sorry for you when you didn’t get that photo op!  I did.

“As God Is My Witness”: Obama Snubs Newsom, Gays

Because I have always been a progressive GREEN DEMOCRAT, my friend.

But, your city isn’t doing so well financially right now, is it?  Either.


See, as a native Californian I really care about my state.  I really do.  And the election in 2008 made me turn Independent for the first time in my life.  It did.  We don’t have time for another party boy at the helm in California. And, I no longer trust Democrats to be able to run things, except maybe Jerry.  See, Jerry Brown knows all about California and her issues — he really does.  He’s been around a long long time.

See, so — I want my state to look GOLDEN AGAIN  — the way HUELL HOWSER sees us.

Like this song….

Now, how do you think you are going to get those back for us?

It isn’t going to be standing there looking puzzled — is it?

It really isn’t.


This country of ours is tanking — because of all the little party boys from Chicago right now — isn’t it?

I’m looking at Meg Whitman, Gavin.  Even though you are my gen.

Jerry Brown or Meg Whitman, right now.  In a post-Arnold era.

It’s so not about you, right now…

Jerry Brown and 2010 governor’s race

“…People are worried about the economy, they’re looking to Washington, they’re worried about the budget. Most of them are not going to dial up on the campaign yet.”

With the state in fiscal crisis, the job this time around could be a no-win situation, he said, but added: “I would not be advocating new taxes, I’ll tell you that.”

That’s the kind of talk you might expect from the two wealthy Republicans in the running for governor.

But look for Brown to remind Californians, that, in a time of crisis, he knows the turf: He has been there and done that, for two terms…”

14 thoughts on ““It hurts,” Gavin — to have to tell you this, but Jerry Brown is the only Dem I could vote for in 2010!

  1. You have many dimensions Bonnaire…..

    If I were in Cal, I definitely now would not vote for G….

    oh, but Jerry Brown is fighting a good cause.


    Were you good to yourself today???

    at least for an hour?


  2. PS…

    How can I say this?

    I don’ t have any maternal energy in me…

    no one who knows me thinks so…

    I am feminine….but balanced.

    yup that’s me.

    have a good wkend….


  3. The maternal comes out in what you say?

    Like go get something to eat….do yoga?


    I got something to eat….

    The more I focus on the world and its problems the more upset I get. My friends at other blogs are being laid off, losing their savings — and so forth. It hurts to read that, it really does.

    you too— have a good weekend.


  4. Well nothing against matrons, Bonnaire…but I am not the matronly type..

    I’m a blond hair, blue eyed trophy wife….

    who was never a trophy..

    The kind you see with the swingy hair in their husband’s cars


    that’s me…

    sans car and husband.


  5. Well, ?

    I am a trophy, I suppose.

    In some ways, except — I never thought much of the whole deal.

    So, as I read the above — either you have been a mistress in this life?

    Or you never wanted marriage?

    Or you did, but never found “the one”



    Work is what is important to me, I suppose.

    For me to have just been a wife?

    Oh. No.



    a trophy is a trophy is a trophy, I suppose.

    they still stare, and whistle when I walk by — all my life.

    funny thing.


  6. hahahahahahaha!

    ooooooooooooh am I ever going to get back at them in fiction, now.

    oh my!

    I’ll have my horse yet…

    and my ranch too ——– !

    and a ton of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ once I upload.

    and, my job won’t be so sad anymore….

    and, I will have done all of this on my own — like in “Little Women” —-




  7. no — I never saw that film.

    I’m just laughing. If I had concentrated more on being selfish in my life?

    I would already have that ranch. I gave him all my $$$$$$$$$!


    $$$$$$$$$$$$ doesn’t mean much to me…..

    but being a robber baroness and dying as a philanthropist does!



  8. The reason I asked about Phenomenon….is well….

    I had an encounter with a ball of light…several years ago…

    zapped by Zeus..

    or maybe a transmigration from….

    (theme from Twilight Zone)


    ah well


    I still wear lipstick….

    but now, I am BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  9. Well Bonnaire if life were merely meant to be a square maze without wonder where would we be? And if there were no mysteries or magic why would a bee pollinate a flower? If a prayer or a tear is cried to the universe and the soul feels alone, does nothing hear? What message do the birds carry in the wind? Is there nothing but what the 5 senses say is there? What does the rain say to the roses?

    Is there not Love?

    And Shambhala?


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