An author on publishing with Kindle so far…

Just one of the hats a Writer wears... in this case a FEZ.
Just one of the hats a Writer wears... in this case a FEZ.

Well, so far, so good.  Except on my DTP area inside the Kindle Store.

Why did I decide to go this route?  As a test.  I think given the world o’ text devices out there that the man who invented this whole deal was pretty smart.  I looked up his wiki and a few other articles on him.  The first short story I pubbed was a test — the second way more polished, in terms of the cover I designed and the mark up..

A whole bunch of names I recognize from the Genre have books in there, too.  Hmmm.

But mine are different.

Here is what it looks like inside the store

It takes 72 hours to be available to buy I suppose?  The second book was easier to do after I figured out how.  So, I saw other authors had the same “sign up” and “not yet available” as mine has.  This afternoon at 3:00 or so will be 72 hours — at least for book one.  I want to change out the cover on that first one!  And I guess I have to wait — which is very frustrating.

I decided to test market just these two stories.  The royalties are supposed to come after 60 days.  There is a place you can check on these on the DTP dashboard and there are some support forums too.  But, nothing shows up yet on the dash for an account.  I’m thinking that, given the looks of this — the K allows people to pre-order?  Maybe you see the account after they have enough of these “orders” or something…

It looks like that.  Almost as if they are test marketing the work?  In advance.

What I like best is the independence of the K, so far.  As a writer and designer.  The audience who would want my stuff?  This is a really easy way for them to access it.  And it won’t go out of print in there either.  In fact, given what I read about this guy who built this?  He is all about the BOOK, and reading.

He is also born in my same month — two days away from me, in fact.

Well, my writing is going to make a lot of money for him, I bet.  And for me.

TURK thing was?



I suppose all Capricorns are young turks in a way…


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