Fab boats in full dress… and my heroes, John and Glenn!

I love boats like this one!  In full dress…

Let’s see if I can link it!

No such luck!  But maybe you can see it via the snap box..

I love it when boats fly all their flags — I used to sail and I always wanted a full set, myself.  I’d love to get another boat someday.

Here is a stunning picture of nautical flags

And here is a website that explains what the flags are for!

It seems like I can’t log in to Twitter anymore.  Oh well, who cares… it wasn’t that important to me, anyway.

But, as an American — I’m really interested in what Senator McCain is saying on his.  I like his face, too.  I feel that he is a very honest politician.  Certainly he would tell Americans the truth about things.  I really believe that.

The other guy I was following has a book for sale in Kindle — he was one of the more vocal people behind the scenes there so I added him — otherwise?  What is the point of all those little updates.

This was such an interesting article today…

As Long As You Can Twitter, Right?

It really got me thinking about Ingsoc…

and Newspeak, no?

Well check out this fab site for all the little tweety-tweetsters du monde.  Language as a collapsed thing!


The NetLingo List of Acronyms & Text Message Shorthand


I love languages too…

And I love feedjit — because when I see all those little flags it reminds me of sailing fab boats all over the world.  Like that pic I showed you of that fab boat.

I thought I’d try their language…!

Just for fun…

! 2B or not 2B sen-sword?

Ain’t that the ? o’ the day.


If that were true?

I’d be


Gotta love that Glenn Beck, Senator McCain.

He’s so honest — he reminds me of you!

Senator McCain, I knew you meant it when you said “Country First” and “Reform, Peace, Prosperity”

You also said “Washington is Broken.”

I believed you.

I read your book — “Faith of my Fathers.”

And, when I think of you, I think of the Navy and the Coast Guard, and those flags I love.

I’m glad I can still see your face on Twitter, this morning.

One American to another…

I really hope we aren’t being sen-sword, Glenn and John.  If so?

What a sad day that would be for our flag.

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