A fab Mozilla thing…

Mozilla Support Announces Version 1.0

I’m not a tekkie but SUMO is fab — the whole concept of it…

Ever since April 1st — I have not been able to link to pictures in the web, or upload any pictures.  I get a message that says the script is running — but, nothing happens.  I believe VERY firmly in what the SUMO logo looks like.

My stats behind the scenes no longer reflect the images I was linking to?

Could this be a censorship issue?

Is this a Google issue?

Because, I love WordPress, Mozilla and Apple.  I just do.

I’d like to be able to continue to link to art in the web — or upload it?

Everything worked fine until CADIE appeared?

I have no problems talking about this TRANSPARENTLY.

If one of you can explain what has changed that would be so great…

I love open source.  I really do.

I’ll try and add another pic:

Hey it worked!  HOW FAB!


Thank you to the fabbest computer people in the world…


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