An important article to read for those who believe in open source and information…

It’s pretty classic in education when you cite sources when you are writing papers.  I just read this off Reuters and it may explain what I was talking about in terms of what I felt was like censorship going on behind the scenes?  Like I said, after April 1st there was a big change behind the scenes in the stats in my blog.

I was thinking I might post what I saw?  From the WordPress stats page?

I was proud that a piece I wrote on political propaganda got used by a teacher at GSU. Most people who have educations like to see knowledge get shared?  It’s a whole philosophical thing, actually.  Among scholars.

But after reading the Reuters piece above — it looks like newspapers want to sue if their articles are cross-referenced?

What a shame.  For scholars everywhere, no?

So, here is the class blog where my article was part of the curriculum.

I’m not entirely sure what this means to the blogosphere?  I wasn’t paid by the university for my piece — and yet they used it.  It didn’t bother me.  Am I supposed to sue a university because they referenced my writing?  Or?  Is it just a citation — the kind that all scholars make?  All the time.

I sure would like to be able to point people to witty articles like this one.

It seems to me that the author might like to get read by more people?  I could be wrong…

So, it seems quite the dilemma this morning.  You know, one of those ethical, moral dilemmas?

Anyway, if you are a serious blogger and a writer — read the Reuters piece above.

One good thing about reading newspapers?

You learn stuff.  I wonder if providing links only is acceptable?  It’s still scholarship any way you slice it, no?

Or fun.  Like reading Daum’s take above.  On what business seems to be thriving as recession proof.

It’s not my genre either, unforch.

The literary set reads me.

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