Brave New American Politician 2009 — the politics of advertising in the web!

Target marketing, branding, you know… all that stuff that you are going to have to know all about from now on given the election in 2008.

It was the first time I recall anyone ever using a logo to target market their way to the presidency in America.

It was the first time anyone took advantage of Google’s bubble sort.

Well guess what?

From now on EVERY POLITICIAN IN AMERICA is going to be able to use the same tactics!

In fact, given this article in the National Journal you can all read about it!

“Google Stands To Gain From Capital Connections”

“…Over the last year, Google has expanded its sale force in D.C., in two business areas, said Greenberger. For example, Google is selling advertising services to legislators and advocacy groups on both sides of the political divide, who value Google’s ability to displays ads to people who are likely to vote for a candidate, to donate, sign a petition or volunteer for a cause.

Google is also working with federal officials to map out government data so that Google’s most valuable property, the Google search page, can better direct citizens to sought-after government information. Any increased traffic through the Google Web page to federal sites gives the company a greater opportunity to sell advertising to government and commercial customers, said Greenberger. “It would be great if HUD’s site had a little ad saying, ‘Are you eligible for the mortgage bailout? Fill out this ad,'” Greenberger said in February, using the Department of Housing and Urban Development as an example…”

Now, in the old days when we actually had independent newspapers in towns all over America — and decent fair coverage of EVERYTHING and when we had investigative reporters and so forth, well…

It was a different story wasn’t it?

I mean in those days politicians weren’t ridiculed on late night talk shows, were they?

And, you wouldn’t see a “host” not give equal time to a candidate like Sarah, would you?

And, politicians actually had REAL DEBATES because they were SMART, no?

2008 was the year everything CHANGED.

Well, we saw all of the above happen this year.  It was scandalous, actually.

So after you finish reading the above — all you NEW POLITICIANS IN AMERICA are going to have to think about who your social networks are going to be, webly.

You are going to need graphic designers to work up logos that you feel stand for you.

I really don’t think you’d have to stoop as low as trademarking the English Language — but you might want to check with Google on that?  Ask them how that is going to work with the bubble sort?  And how much it might cost to do that?

You are going to want animators to give your graphics “life” as well.

But what you are really going to need are great writers blogging about you!

Since we don’t really have journalists anymore.

It’s totally win-win, no?

It  is.

Using the web for your advertising is going to be very inexpensive, and if you are an ethical politician with a track record — you really want to put that out there.

Did you know that the best politicians write their own speeches?

They don’t have to hire people for that.

You are going to need a web page, a blog, twitter and some ads — online!

You are going to have to make friends with the best newspaper journalists in the web who are writing blogs now because they have been laid off!

You see, in the future of politics in America — it will never be about who has the most money anymore.

It will be about who has the most heart on the page, and who is the smartest!

People are desperate for CONTENT!  That is why they are following the politicians they adore in TWITTER!

You are just not going to be able to fake people out anymore in a post-TEA PARTY AMERICA.  Because what America wants is REAL.  Not FAKE.

So, start thinking about what you want your LOGO to represent best about you?

Perhaps it is your favorite symbol?  Something unique and so YOU!  Then find a designer who can execute that graphic for you!  It will be associated with everything you do from now on as a politician.  One thing you should never do though, is make fake seals you haven’t earned.  You will really look foolish to the public if you do that?

And the public won’t forget!

You see, youtube is going to be your friend from now on!

Because, bloggers are going to be talking about you now, just like NEWSROOMS used to.

Whole social networks will be clustering all around YOU, American politicians of the future!

Whole CafePress outfits and merchandise are available to you!

And it is all so damn simple.

But, it is by your values and actions that you will be judged!

On that note — the fabulous Jerry Brown has a FACEBOOK page up.  It’s so damn witty!  And so Californian!  I want you to read this about one of the MOST FABULOUS MALE POLITICIANS EVER!

Click that link above and read it!

Jerry Brown and John McCain.  Two of the most honest, best politicians in AMERICA, in my opinion.

They are fantastic role models from both the DEMOCRATIC and REPUBLICAN sides of things.

Jerry Brown really needs to know about how Google can help him now, no?  For 2010.

Read that article above! — and if you are a California politician?

I’d sure want to know this guy!

This is what you call Journalism, by real live JOURNALISTS!

You are going to want to be interviewed by experts such as this, in the future!

You see, people who are honest in their lives aren’t going to have to pay for kudos, or pay people to blog for them.  It’s their deeds that matter.

That is how politics worked in the past, and how they can work in the future, too.

If you are a blogger who plans to run ads?

You want them to say “PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT” on top of the ad!

That’s how it was done in the newspaper industry — and that is how it should be done in the web as well.

That is the ETHICAL way it is done.

Now– whoever a person blogs with — say, the FABULOUS WordPress (for instance) — well, WordPress should get a cut for that — because they are the host?  And frankly, anyone who is anyone loves WordPress the most!

You see, great companies like that, and Firefox?

People love them!

Nobody has to pay people to say good things about them.  People do it because they mean it!


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