what does the t in tea party stand for — Truth, Ethics, and the American Way! — or? Totally Ethical Americans.

Here is a picture of the Jerry Brown I looked up to when I was 19!

You know, that TRUTH, ETHICS and the AMERICAN WAY is just the sense that I have of the tea parties, so far.  It totally reminded me of the 1970’s — but, back then it was the Democrats doing them!  You know who you could ask about this?  People like Jerry Brown who I wrote about yesterday!  Personally, I think they might have started up at Berkeley — at the University of  California?  Or, maybe Oakland? — one big 1970’s Tea Party.  Just like the Boston Tea Party in a way — just years later…

People were protesting the Vietnam War, as I recall.  Both Jerry Brown and I were, because almost everybody was in California at that time.  All you have to do is ask around the musical rock and roll set.  Woodstock which was kind of like Burning Man now was something associated with that protest.  There was also Kent State, come to think of it.  Those were the days of Hippies and Yippies and all kinds of stuff like that.  You know that friend of Obama’s William Ayers?  Ask him.  He has a blog I heard.

You could ask around Hollywood too.  Like that guy Tom Hayden or Jane Fonda?  They’ll remember.

That was the biggest protest era I ever saw.  Anyway, I was just a young teenager in the 70’s — so, these guys were all Democrats as I recall, back then.  In fact, in those days, there were so many different kinds of protesters around you wouldn’t even believe it.  There were the Black Panthers, The Chicanos, The Grey Panthers — you name it.  Those Code Pink protesters are a little like that, right now, aren’t they?

It’s an American thing — and all those politicians in Washington know all about it, don’t they?

They just have to remember the 1970’s.

My generation were just kids at that time.

So, right now, a lot of those Protestor people are in Politics!  They started out in a good place, once, didn’t they?  Being a protester might have made them even want to go into politics!

But, I always thought the Democrats were the good guys when I was growing up.  My whole family were Republicans.  So, boy did I ever want to do the opposite thing!  Like all teenagers do!  It’s just that now?  I’m having a really  hard morning because I always believed in the Democratic Party.  I really did.  When I grew up, and because FEMINISM was something I learned about in the 70’s in Junior High, I wanted to make sure that I always supported WOMEN IN POLITICS.  Boy did I ever.  All my life in CALIFORNIA I voted for DEMOCRATIC WOMEN.  And, this was the year they let me down.

We had a chance for Hillary Clinton to break that glass ceiling.  They let her down, too.

I’m over it, because she got to be the Secretary of State.  Damn.  A secretary.  Aren’t women always confined to that role by the Patriarchy?  Well, at least it is a pretty big SECRETARY, no?  And before her was Condi Rice, a BLACK WOMAN.  That shows me that FEMINISM has worked in America since my teenage years, and that all that hard work the Panthers did?  And Martin Luther King did?  In the 60’s?  Paid off.

Never underestimate the power of a protest in America.  If one happens?  It is to draw the American People’s attention to something.

So get over being angry about it.  It’s not the first time one ever happened!

It’s just another thing that makes up the history of a very young country like America.  Isn’t it?

That said, my heart has been broken twice in this election by the Democratic Party I gave my loyalty to as a teenage girl.

The first time was when I read about the slums on the South Side of Chicago during the Rezko scandal.  Someday, I’d like to go see that city.  My family was from there.  My branch of the family moved West in 1929.  They were what you call an old Chicago Family.  They built Brownstones?

My grandparents and their parents moved out here for the weather, I bet.  Or the oranges.

Maybe I’ll scan in a few pictures one day…

At any rate, it was the era of the Dustbowl in America and also the big stock market crash, too.

Once in college, in Women’s Studies, I wrote a paper on the difference in my grandmother’s, my mother’s, and my life.

As women.

None of the women in my family were interested in getting an education.  I was.  This is my nom de plume, but, I went to the University of California and I am very proud of that fact.

My vote, one of the many I have cast as a Democrat, and FEMINIST — who grew up in the era of the 70’s in California — sent Senator Dianne Feinstein to Washington in 1992.

Here is the Wikipedia on her:

Dianne Feinstein

“…Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein (IPA: /ˈfаɪnˌstаɪn/) (born June 22, 1933) is the senior U.S. Senator from California and a member of the Democratic Party. Feinstein was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 1992, after serving as Mayor of San Francisco from 1978 to 1988.

Feinstein holds a number of “firsts”: She was the first female President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, San Francisco‘s first (and so far, only) female mayor, the first woman to serve in the Senate from California, one of two female Jewish senators (the other, in both cases, being Barbara Boxer), the first woman to serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and the first woman to chair the Senate Rules Committee and Senate Intelligence Committee.[1]…”

Senator Feinstein, you have broken my heart this morning.  This is the second time this year the Democratic party has done that.

What you have done is an ethics breach.  I believed in you.  I have never failed to vote for you.  Never.

But this morning, and given the circumstances in our country, with banking and real estate at the moment — after this, I don’t think it would ever be possible for me to trust you again.  I saw this on television, but here it is in the web.

Sen. Feinstein’s Husband Cashes In on Crisis

“…California senator sought $25 billion for a government agency that had awarded her husband’s real estate firm a lucrative contract to sell foreclosed properties…”

As a California Feminist, who has supported the Democratic Party since my teens, and since Jerry Brown was our governor, I have only one question for you?

How could you, Senator Feinstein?

How could you do this to California?

How could you do this to me, a feminist who believed in doing all she could to help women advance in politics — so that they could break those proverbial glass ceilings?

When Senator John McCain was running for the presidency last year, I was reminded of the client I saw who was a Vietnam Veteran.  One of his most difficult experiences had been to return from that war on a big Navy boat in full dress whites, only to pass under the Golden Gate Bridge and have garbage dumped on him by the protesters who were hurling it over the edge.

As he wept in my office, I wept too.  It had taken him 30 years to ever tell anyone that.

I have an idea that Americans come out to protest when they see wrongs.

And so, in my generation, the feminists who looked to you DEMOCRATIC WOMEN as role models all our lives became something called PUMAS.  We took that name from the wild cats that roam the hills, ever alert, ever feminist — just as the women of my mother’s generation were.

I had finished John McCain’s book, “Faith of my Fathers” and, I have implict trust in men like him.

When he made the statement “Washington in Broken,” I believed him.

I was born up in San Fran.  My mother was your generation, Ms. Feinstein.

Jerry Brown, I trust your ethics as I do Senator McCain’s.

I want to help the two of you make the necessary reforms.

Mr. Brown, the Pulitzer is a very great prize for Journalists.  One of the first things to be reformed is the newspaper industry in California.  There is an excellent piece up for you to read over at CalBuzz — on what has happened.  Your namesake, another  “Jerry ” writes over there.  One of the finest in the business.  There are many people like that…

I love them all very much.

I’m crying right now.  That is as much as I can say.

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