REAL. CALIFORNIA. DEMOCRATS. John Burton and Jerry Brown all the way!

I’m starting to feel a sigh of relief.

Calbuzz got the scoop on John Burton! This is my kind of Democrat. My kind. This is a Democrat with substance! The kind of substance California needs right now. You see, the Democratic Party wasn’t always this corrupt was it? No.

So, all the best Green, Indy Democrats went Nader in 2000. We are the true LIBERALS. WE ARE THE EDUCATED VOTER.

We are California’s “Gold” and California’s Green. This is the year we aren’t going to take any more crap from the flabby, weak willed bogus Dems who have done NOTHING for our state in DECADES! It’s time for some Democrats in Black Leather.

Like John Burton. What a track record. In a year of people with no track records, let alone birth certificates.

Our state is tanking, and we know it. Plus, we have seen very, very bad things right now out of Dem women we thought we could trust. Especially Senator Feinstein. So, the way we see it down here? Pelosi/Feinstein/Boxer are the axis of FEMINIST evil. Because Hillary was our GIRL. East Coast Dem women know all about you too. You failed us. On many fronts. You will be shamed, that is a given. But what is more important now is the restructuring of the Democratic Party — so that this kind of mistake can never happen again. It won’t. Young Dems according to CalBuzz were lining up around Burton. Funny, I lined up like that behind Jerry Brown once. It was a green thing then, and a green thing now.

Burton — who is about to become the new face of the California Democratic Party — is on with about 40 young D’s standing behind him with signs: their cumulative age less than his . . . Claims he’s younger than Winston Churchill was the last time he got elected Prime Minister . . . Forget the 12-point plan: “The purpose of the Democratic party is to elect Democrats”. . .

Yes, the purpose of the Democratic Party is to elect Democrats.

Let’s take a look at what a Democrat does, shall we? As a refesher course!

Peter Hecht off the Sacto Bee calls Burton, “Prickly, Profane and Principled.”

“…In an age of Obama and Internet-savvy politics, former California Senate president pro tem John Burton doesn’t own a computer.

He can recall fundraising “when you knocked on people’s doors and asked them for a dollar for the Democrats.”

But at 76, Burton, a passionate liberal, defender of the poor and disabled, and a famously profane and prickly political sage, is about to become the new face of the California Democratic Party…”

It’s not going to be a problem for Burton, because all of Jerry’s green liberals are grassroots, too. We are here to help. That’s all the brainy Dems, no? The fab Dems. The Real California Liberal set. Like Burton, I helped the poor and homeless down here. As a good feminist Democrat does. But? Which of you Dems “in charge” allowed what has happened to the programs Burton built?

Who among you stripped the agencies of all the funding? Don’t tell me — you are on that dream team that has raped our state.

In your hasty salivation over a logo and your “power” striving, you have done nothing. Less than zero, haven’t you?

The Gilded Age of the Democratic Party is OVER in California. And all the real California Democrats know it.

“…Despite the party’s success as Barack Obama won the biggest Democratic victory in California since 1936, Democrats are splintered over the state’s fiscal crisis.

Burton’s cherished aid programs for the poor and disabled are being cut to help the state close a deficit of more than $40 billion.

Some labor and liberal advocacy groups are turning against Democratic legislative leaders over the budget deal, including the May 19 special election initiatives that they say betray party principles…”

What we will build is the Green Age. Won’t we? In fact it is very possible right now that we may need some Republican women at the helm of that age. Movers and shakers? You know the types…

Democrats who felt betrayed this year?

Have no problems with Carly Fiorina. As long as she keeps her eyes on our state. It seems to me that the Republicans care about “Country First.” and believe me, so does any Democrat who has witnessed what Burton and I have. Why is it I feel that Fiorina could build grren tech here? She knows how…

Real California Democrats tend to read Grist? Take a look at this link…


Jerry vs. Gavin: The Sacto Party Smackdown

“. . . Jerry scoffed at Gavin’s Twitter boast: “You can’t solve the problems of California by Twitter”* . . .”

2 thoughts on “REAL. CALIFORNIA. DEMOCRATS. John Burton and Jerry Brown all the way!

  1. I’m with you on this! I am very interested in the Jerry Brown run for governor. I’m hoping California will turn to experienced leadership instead of the flash in the pan “obama-like” Newsom. Even though Barry dissed Newsom by refusing to have a photo taken with him I’m not necessarily a Newsom fan. Do you think Brown has chance in 2010??


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