HOW is a DEMOCRAT supposed to act? Take a look at Jerry Brown!

Having Jerry lead California out of this mess…would be sublime!

I’ll tell you what gets my respect — a Democrat who actually accomplishes things!  In fact, I feel Jerry Brown could be seminal in going after all kinds of bad things right now!  Even at higher levels in the Democratic Party if he wanted to.  He’s real.  He isn’t corrupt.

All the thinking CALIFORNIA Democrats know something is very, very wrong right now.

In Washington.

I bet Brown looks into corrupt fundraising, myself.  Like those FEC problems?  Last year.

See this?

Brown Files Criminal Charges Against Three Individuals Who Operated $200 Million Ponzi Scheme

“These three men callously swindled thousands of individuals out of $200 million to bankroll their extravagant lifestyles,” Brown said. “They took investors money and used it to pay for an 80-acre castle estate, a Lear jet, luxury homes and fancy cars. The Ponzi scheme ultimately collapsed under its own weight, causing hardship to thousands, many of whom were retirees who lost their life savings.”

This is how REAL DEMOCRATS are supposed to act, no?

Democrats go after things that are corrupt.  Always have, always will.

I find this quite the strange little read today, on ethics…

Do you?

Many Dems have a big, big problem with all that target-marketing we saw last year?  In terms of ethics?  Or what the DNC pulled on Hillary Clinton.

Take a look at Jerry Brown’s twitter and you can see what else he has been working on.


You see, BROWN is responsible for the emissions deal?

It was his idea, years ago.  You can’t fake out a California Dem or try and co-opt a California Dem’s ideas especially when you carry plastic bags and know NOTHING about how our state feels about the environment?

We so don’t appreciate fakirs out here in the West.  Do we?

No.  Which is why you saw so many go to John McCain last year.  We actually had to turn against our own Political party!  The party Jerry Brown inspired us to be in as teenagers!


I bet Brown can figure out that Acorn problem, too.

Something is really wrong with what is happening and I bet Jerry Brown knows it.

All of us Democrats in exile do.

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