For all the unknown soldiers, today…

Poems were copied from this site:


  • Adrienne Rich, In Those Years (1991)

    In those years, people will say, we lost track
    of the meaning of we, of you
    we found ourselves
    reduced to I
    and the whole thing became
    silly, ironic, terrible:
    we were trying to live a personal life
    and, yes, that was the only life
    we could bear witness to

    But the great dark birds of history screamed and plunged
    into our personal weather
    They were headed somewhere else but their beaks and pinions drove
    along the shore, through rages of fog
    where we stood, saying I

  • from Remembering That Island
    Thomas McGrath (1972)
    clr gif

    In a dream as real as war

    I see the vast stinking Pacific suddenly awash
    Once more with bodies, landings on all beaches,
    The bodies of dead and living gone back to appointed places,

    A ten year old resurrection,
    And myself once more in the scourging wind, waiting, waiting
    While the rich oratory and the lying famous corrupt
    Senators mine our lives for another war.

    10 thoughts on “For all the unknown soldiers, today…

    1. Thank you for your wonderful heart and mind. Just stopped by to say “hello”. Hope you are doing well, Bonnaire.

      A few years ago I planted a little jacaranda tree, and today, IT BLOOMED for the first time. The first winter I thought the tree had frozen, but there were these tiny green shoots a few springs back that I nurtured for a long time from the dead trunk.

      Now it is a tall and skinny little tree–way over 10 feet tall, but the purple blossoms surprised me tonight. They were so high above my head, i almost missed them. I keep a hummingbird feeder hanging on one of the stronger branches..

      lately we have black chin and Anna’s Hummingbirds…and a visit everyday from beautiful male and female Bullocks Orioles..which is quite an event, (for me at least)

      How are you doing Bonnaire?


    2. Hello again too. Congrats on your tree. They are very beautiful when they bloom.
      This past weekend has been a difficult one, emotionally — in terms of the vets for me. Dunno. I have been doing a lot of research — maybe too much?

      I’m glad you came by.

      I was going to write about it — but. I will tomorrow.
      I hope I can make a decent intervention.

      I hope so.


      1. Well Bonnaire, it is your innate kindness and heart that extends from your world into others that make life harder sometimes. I do understand fully.
        Sometimes I don’t bother you with a comment. I kind of know however when you are in your
        genius gear…

        Yes, you are very intense Bonnaire. And sometimes you need to give yourself permission to focus on other more replenishing things. But I know what happens to be “in the grip”….one cannot see the forest OR the trees.
        Anyway, memorial day?

        I always remember my cousin…and always think about the troops in the field, since we know that since last century, our nation has been nearly always in perpetual readiness for war, of one kind or another..

        I didn’t come here to “opinionate” Bonnaire…You really don’t need that.

        I can tell you have been doing a lot of research. Your prior article, was in all of its abstraction very interesting. I was hoping you would explain. And didn’t quite know where you were going with it?

        But it was powerful, nonetheless.


    3. Hey guess what?
      One of my mothers oldest friends and I just got off the phone and she lives in a place called Rio Verde out your way! I’ve known her since I was 8. Her daughter has come back from Europe after years…

      Song! maybe I can come out there and visit? h Soon.

      I was looking into research about the CIA and what guess who just pulled on them. A classic double bind. And then I was researching about drones based on a writer’s book called Wired for War. All this is tandem with thoughts I had back in the mid 90’s about kids and those games? Pretty scary stuff.

      Anyway, I have never felt so scared as an American as right now. Ever.
      What she just pulled was what we call a double bind on that guy Panetta?
      Very sick family system technique?
      So who is X?


      I am so tired of feeling scared. And I’m tired of thinking of war and NK and this admin. I really am.

      I’m just thinking about what the ethics are — as a therapist. I wish I could call you up? I was on the phone all day! Now I know three people from Ariz.


    4. Visit!! Are you serious? What in the world could get you to leave your abode? A friend of your mother!!

      Oh that would be the best thing in the world to meet you Bonnaire! From the map, I see that Rio Verde is on the east side of Maricopa County. You would love it, I know…

      So, are you really serious? How will I know?

      X rhymes with Lugosi?

      I will send you my phone number through your email.

      Hows that?


    5. X is a bank and/or banks. Most probably Goldman Sachs and the octopi who inhabit it.

      Btw, Bonnaire, I left my phone number in your email just in case you ever come to Az or even if you don’t!



    6. I hope you count the number of comments you get. I hope that you notice that you have 10 now instead of 9. I hope you read this, because I am so happy right now and i just don’t want to not say, “thank you” Bonnaire for being who you are.

      I only wish the hour had been longer….


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