Wired for Peace or War? That is the question…

Thank you Russia.

I say that as an American who wishes for PEACE.

We really have to ask ourselves what we have created, and where this is going?  On Memorial Day I caught P. W. Singer speaking on the Book Channel between War films and John McCain.  This is a book everyone should read…


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“The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century

What happens when science fiction becomes battlefield reality?”

One must ask what world we are building?

Real Soldiers Love Their Robot Brethren

When it gets to the point that human beings no longer matter to human beings we will really be in trouble.  There is only one way to go, after reading these articles.

Towards a world full of peace.

I had spoken about Sardello’s research and sociopathy in terms of pre-scripted games.  I have more to say on the ethics of that — but, I’m going to go to the mountains for a walk.  Not that it is going to do much good — because I am a therapist and this…?

This is the entire world’s problem right now.

Especially with the generation of EMO children who are of age, now.

Is the world depicted in these articles the world you want for the future?

Your children’s future?

Or do you want PEACE?

One thought on “Wired for Peace or War? That is the question…

  1. well it’s Friday and I am off for a few days. Ever since gunpowder, war has been impersonal Bonnaire…

    Your walk in the mountains is life affirming isn’t it? That would help a therapist, IMHO…

    Today’s globalists believe by dissolving boundaries, and ending nationalism that the world will be brought closer to
    peace. But absence of conflict/competition is not peace, and is not the way of nature. As a species, humanity is very young. If we can get through the nuclear age, relatively intact, we will develop rather quickly. However, at this time, it appears due to the end of socialism, in the US, (which btw has existed much longer than Obama) as well as the fatal flaws of capitalism, we are headed into a era of feudalism, much like what occurred in Byzantium times.

    In a strange way Bonnaire, nothing is new. Global currencies have collapsed before. Somehow, we need, as a species to find our way out of the endless loop…of empires, globalism, debt, war, and collapse. This is a time, for those who can, to find a retreat from the cities–the large population centers; to learn self defense, and to return to Nature’s wisdom…

    Love you, Bonnaire



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