thinking about land and barns…

watercolor abstraction of mine -- assemblage
watercolor abstraction of mine -- assemblage

I have given a bunch of thought to moving of late.

Just because it might be a fresh start in a way.

Anyway yesterday was a wild ride of searching for land on which to plant a new aspect of life.

It’s either that or maybe Law School.

I need to get back to doing something pretty soon.  This floating isn’t particularly good for the psyche and I would like a real job again.  I feel lost without one, actually.

This period of life has just been hell.  Really.  I’ve lost so many that I cared for to old age, and animals, and I gave up a career after my mother passed away.  Ugh.  Why?  I spent bazillions on that Masters.  I worked so hard on that — I really did.  Years worth of my time.

I feel like a failure for quitting.  I’m not but I feel like it.

Life is just a series of events we have to adjust to and come to terms with.

This painting pal of mine likes northern Nevada so anyway I was scrolling around looking at land.  This one was really pretty in a place called Esmerelda — and then there are these charming barns you can order.  I always wanted to live in a barn…in the past.  They are really fine!  HUGE!

And you could add a bunch of French Doors and windows to them.

Check out the land!

And the Barns!

I wish I had a direction to follow.  I feel very scared about the way this country is going.  Very scared.

I’m sure a lot of other people do too.  I wonder if it is possible to live out a scenario like little house on a prairie…

Anyway, I think I am turning into a Texas-style American.  Or something.  There is a lot of land in the West once you are away from the coasts.  Nevada, Arizona, New Mex — each are different.  I have never been to the South proper — but I saw the saddest thing the other day.  These old, old Victorians for sale.  Or even earlier.  Wow.  You just cannot believe these houses that date from the 1800’s back east.  In the Carolinas.  These places are just unreal to me, price-wise.  Unreal!

Also they need a preservation job!  But?  Wow.  There is NOPLACE where I live that either has these old Queen Anne’s and stuff.  I wonder what is going on down there?  If things are really bad because how could a house be $20,000.  I mean, at that rate a person could buy a few of them.

The architectural details are really something in these.

I also found this place…you can search by area?

but, the oldest things are on the East Coast!

This one is TARA, redux!

I guess if the world falls apart all the PUMAS can move to Goldsboro!

We could redo all those houses and make a political center there!


Seriously.  I do feel like moving.  Dunno.  I do.  Barn, Victorian, whatever.  A change of scene does great things for people at times…..

Ah well — enjoy seeing what is out there by clicking and going!

3 thoughts on “thinking about land and barns…

  1. A comment on your watercolors?

    WOW, Bonnaire! Just WOW.

    Found another Rilke quote the other evening and saved it for myself having lost family these past years myself. I read it each day as a reminder,now. Thought I’d share it with you.

    “Shouldn’t at last these ancient familiar sorrows
    bear feeling fruit in our lives? Isn’t it time
    to free ourselves from the loved one, and bear the tension
    as the arrow endures the tensed string – to gather its forces
    and spring to a state of being that is more
    than it could ever be? It is death to stand still.”

    Maybe someday soon, I will figure out how to put a music file here and share a little of my “lost music” I wrote.




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