diagram schema emptiness of brain *research notes on cognition along genogram 1960 forward…

These were my notes as I was figuring out my treatment plan for The Alchemy Project — a bit scattered — but in looking at the three generational model and cognition in the era 1960————————-2011 — tracing through three gens — grandfather/father/child and grandmother/mother/child… In the 3rd generation—–

brain as void?

brain as series of random cognitions trace genogram three gen 60’s to now

insert drugs acid extacy meth

are there a series of disconnected random cognitions (watching tv show –was shown in plot of scrubs)

brain as free floating pixels/random imagery/cognition

how to link them?

using Piaget model post 9yrs — rebuild imaginal conc, from unc (Jung)

heart as simply muscle or pump non empathic

because non-connected to empty brain


brain full of data bits but not cognition hence data stream not firing not attached to heart?

looks like this

has placid exterior but has been exposed to emoticons given field of gaming

has no sense of pain ie: if I punch you it will hurt? (empathy)

This is top tier in KUBRIC 2001 baby as floating in space — (generation of frozen embryo babies?)

Track in gen of extacy users (watched non-empathy on comedy channel non self?)

core self is able to follow ojects via gaze?

baby in crib?

use dangling mobiles not static things

teach colors by showing

use sensory/art and narrative

to build link


point and repeat what that is?

also trace systemics as toxins in blood stream? what is there?

This is a person who shows little individuation?

nothing inside


projected self into icon?

built self object relations in web

was able to follow with gaze

logo acted as part object?

can track with gaze in web?

hence blog as place to put part objects

link via semantics


how do you build empathy in this self?

how does this self exp PAIN if no cognition

how does this self experience video game as reality?


remove video game structures

via good feeds

ie humans

this self is able to track people

but no link as self objects

hence no feeling for them

non empathy

how to build?

trace three gen genogram?

what are drugs of parents.

eyes tracked above logo in web robotically

saw “self objects” in other logos?

there for “linked masse”

logo was seen as good object

so self became

part of “chain”

read nike?

brand with self object

use egg to hatch self objects

use musical sounds to hatch cognition

(Huell Houser had show on this it was weird — “museum of sound” along a sidewalk show)

all those things emitting sounds on walk

review this in group process

in KUBRICK image we have what we see here

baby in space as hatched but not here?

This is issue for top tier group

build cognition by linking objects?

but how does heart muscle build empathy”

What is language to this culture

what are the semantics they are using

How to Write an Emo Poem

Emo poems are like Emo music, but they’re less tuneful and most people can write them.


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[edit] Steps

  1. Pick a topic (see tips).
  2. Create a distinct title using one of the adjoining words that are in brackets next to the word you chose.
  3. Don’t worry about rhyming; it doesn’t have to rhyme, it just has to flow, like music.
  4. Start with writing a hook. It will be shorter than the main parts of your poem. Here is an example:
    • So I lie in the darkness, words buzzin’ in my head, buzzin’ in my head, thoughts of emptiness and death, buzzin’ in my head, buzzin’ in my head, I draw my final breath and now…
  • every hook should be a little different, maybe a different ending
  1. Write some verses that are at least two lines longer than the chorus.
  2. Piece it together. It should be set up so that you have two verses before every hook. Make sure you start on a double verse and end on a double chorus, and you have a chorus between each verse.
  3. Think of a loss (girlfriend,family member,or something important to you). Then just write how you would love to want it back. Show your emotions in the poem, and use words that reflect this.


For those who want to write a real, emo poem but just can’t seem to find the time.

1. Pick a title.

Generally a few key words should be emphasized. For example, chronology seems to be important to emo people; days of the week, months of the year, and seasons are excellent choices for emo titles. It is also useful to use verbs in the present progressive tense, excluding any subject-specific words. Some excellent examples are:

  • Bloody Love
  • Spooning October
  • Sordid Autumn Winds

Some poor choices for the title are:

  • Jumped Summer (verb is in past tense)
  • Are Enjoying April (verb does not exclude subject-specific words, and besides, you’re writing an emo poem. You don’t want people to know you enjoyed anything.)
  • Next Friday (you might get confused with the movie starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, leading to the risk of being considered not emo)

2. Write some stuff.

It doesn’t really matter what you write about, so long as it comes from your heart. You can write about anything in your poems and don’t need to single it out from other poems. Here are some suggestions you could write about.

  • How your home, school, and love life are doing.
  • Write about your favorite bands, artist, etc.
  • Or take another poem and look for insperation from there.

3. Get it published or at least try to get it published.


[edit] Tips

  • Death (hell, float, murder, loss)
  • Loneliness (darkness, vast, corner, swallow)
  • Emo (corner, scream, unholiness, you could use a line from an emo song, cutting or any self-injury[only in the poem – don’t cut yourself]).
  • Dark love (lips, dance, poison kisses,)
  • Note: When using a line from an emo song, be sure to change it around a bit. Mix up the words or add in some of your own so that it doesn’t sound like the band that created that line.
  • Writing poetry is an excellent way to release anger and frustration.
  • Put your heart into the poem; its seriously helps.
  • Dont think that your words mean nothing. Poetry is one way people see how you feel!
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[edit] Warnings

  • If you claim yourself Emo just remember to stay true to the music that you listen to it and support it as much as possible.
  • Don’t think that just because you wrote an “Emo” poem that you are Emo, because that just makes you a poser.
  • Make sure that the grammar and spellings are correct.

Mary Watkins? how could this work to build sense of metaphor in shell self? (developmental psych)

what images have they seen in web and or as downloads?

build safe cluster schools of small groups (assessment)

build relations on blogs as  groups?

friendship circles?

Getting emo with color

use complex impressionsit paintings to train eyes waysy from web and build relations

classical music

classic art




link poem building to sensory experience

website: farfromfearless.com

expert on color

this gen has problem with eyes and light?

what colors can they see?

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