notes on Carver and the blank page…

4:30 in the morning and the page stares at you like a ghost filled with yesterday’s imprints.

Where do you start?

These are about one of the finest American writers…

And here are two interviews where he talks about things…

CG: Do you consider yourself as good a poet as a short story writer? And what relationship do you see between your poetry and your prose?

RC: My stories are better known, but, myself, I love my poetry. Relationship? My stories and my poems are both short. (Laughs.) I write them the same way, and I’d say the effects are similar. There’s a compression of language, of emotion, that isn’t to be found in the novel. The short story and the poem, I’ve often said, are closer to each other than the short story and the novel.

CG: You approach the problem of image the same way?

RC: Oh, image. You know, I don’t feel, as someone said to me, that I center my poems or my stories on an image. The image emerges from the story, not the other way around. I don’t think in terms of image when write.

33 thoughts on “notes on Carver and the blank page…

  1. I kind of skipped last century and the 17th century when it came to writers. Well, Nin? yes, I heard her voice when I was in my twenties and alone on an island. So maybe someday I’ll read his work, but for now, I’ll read yours. I can’t imagine really his writing could be better.

    I know you will utterly dismiss this comment with the wave of your hand

    So be it.

    I am a genius in my own field, so I can damn well say what i think.


    your friend,



  2. I am a genius in my own field, so I can damn well say what i think.

    Okay! Go ahead! hahahaha!

    No, I won’t dismiss what you think — what gives you that idea?
    Carver had a style of writing that was based in piercing observations in a way?
    Very minimalist and modern. He had a very hard life — a lot of stuff is in his fiction?

    He is one of my idols? Like Kate is?

    It’s just the way they lay it out.

    Here is a story called “Little Things” — look what he does with the writing to show you everything that happened? it’s brutal in a way — but, it’s an example of total truth on the page as well?

    It’s really short. He gives you the whole thing.


    1. hey throw me a bone here. How many times have I said anything that sounds

      even slightly grandiose or egotistical?

      I am still thinking after reading this Carver…


  3. you don’t say things like that?

    what you say is stuff like “you will dismiss this with a wave of the hand” and then, I wonder because I don’t tend to dismiss anything people ever say to me?

    I am a very serious person?

    so I don’t dismiss?

    but, maybe I am also light and airy at times too?

    once you said I was very sensitve?

    I think Carver is “sensitive” like that? Sensitive to moods and so forth — but in that story above he gives the mood — and usually he never gives the answer?
    there is an ambiguity he leaves that I like, dunno — like I said “idol” worship…




  4. I must have misread what you wrote.

    I thought you were offended by what I said.

    Sorry to be so late to reply. A family member in surgery today. did not get really good news until 6 pm. Good reports beginning about 3, however.


  5. My brother broke is neck years ago evidently. Obviously not severe at the time?? throughout the years he had chronic pain but attributed it to wearing his flight helmet…
    But began to lose use of his arm, in and out…over these last months.

    He went through the surgery fine at WR…

    yesterday..but it was late before we heard.. .


  6. my ex sister in law may be riding with me. I offered her the ride because I knew her finances were low. She definitely will drive back, and we will drive straight through.

    I will be there on the 29th in the afternoon, and for awhile on the 30th.

    She has friends in the vicinity and will meet them. If you would like to meet her you can, but I don’t see why really?

    So, I will be there on the 29th and look forward to meeting you.


  7. Don’t forget your Master’s thesis?

    I haven’t forgot.

    I am so excited to meet you. the only other writer I wanted to meet?

    was Anais Nin.


  8. wow really?



    Well you will but you may be surprised by me in a way — I’m like a little kid in a sunhat most of the time.

    Yeah, no probs on that thesis I have a few copies left someplace now that I am no longer doing that work. It sort of bothers me sometimes that I stopped.

    Spent this morning on a closet — cleaning it out like a purge — quickly!
    Well, I’m going to go and swim for a bit and observe for a bit…



    It means a lot!


  9. yes Nin. I read her in my twenties, at just the right time. the parts I still remember are about Otto Rank…


    So happy to be meeting you soon! I am rather hard to surprise, but if you say so, then?

    kid in a sunhat it is!

    I feel the opposite. I won’t surprise you at all..

    Glad you are moving quickly as you clean…and of course how can you go out and not observe?,,,your piece today, Odalesque 3 was absolutely exquisite. I will read it later tonight again. Persephone.

    My my my…..

    in a sunhat at that.!


  10. Thank you for telling me about it!

    That sounds lovely. It has been many years. Gee, I can’t remember when I last saw the ocean in California. I am trying to think while I type this to you… The last time I was in California was in 1983?

    You are fortunate to see it everyday. But I am sure you know that.

    I love the ocean. I do.

    How are you today Bonnaire?


  11. I love to talk with you, Adrienne…

    I was so happy it was you..

    I had a feeling that Persephone had wandered off…to a territory that she didn’t belong in.


  12. I also love the way you describe things? How you talked about the Y? the water and how Shell felt in the jacuzzi, and in the pool…

    so beautiful and poetic..

    the only way, I can say those things is when I sing..

    and then it is just a feeling…

    but it is deep.


  13. Odalesque 4. I just finished reading it, and Shell’s grandmother was right…

    As usual, the writing is wonderful. I read it twice. I hope she creates the wings…

    she is so light herself…

    and the pic of “Life”….

    wonderful and perfect word for Shell…

    Persephone can never get too old internally, so I hear…

    what say you?



  14. Stopping by to give you my daily, “hi”. I took a drive today across town and let my thoughts wander for a change. The desert wasn’t hot this morning, and maybe there is just the hint of the evenings. Which basically means it is not 100 degrees at night.

    Worked today on my Tessellations article 2, which is, to say the least controversial, in that it unravels the mathematics of one of the patriarchal religions…and also has the solution in how to, more or less . alter it, for the better…


    but unfortunately, it is all there, and I have never read anything like it…and what I have found is astounding..

    would be me–she who at all costs avoids conflict…


    I am still working on it, and I think, I will wait and talk to you about it before I post it…I know that you have a background in Art, and I want to hear what you think. It will only take a few minutes..

    I think that is what I will do.

    Anyway, it is astounding, really….

    Have a good evening, and I hope you were able to paint today, to visit the sea, and to dive into the world of color with abandon..


  15. Well, with the way you write you don’t need me? But if you want to send it by you can I guess.

    It wasn’t that kind of day, I’m afraid. Nope.

    Glad you are feeling like writing more on that subject?



  16. Sorry to hear that about your day….

    Are you OK?

    I tried to call you a little while ago….before I read this. I plugged my phone in if you want to talk.


    On another note? well, Yes, I do need you for this, because you understand organically what Art is..and you will understand the implications not only of the artlessness of the religion, but of the future of Art in it.

    Yes, your mind is the perfect mind to run this knowledge by…I can’t think anyone would be more perfect.

    Sometimes I don’t think you “see” yourself Adrienne.


    On another note” what is the drive like to Monterey? Is it mountainous? I don’t think I am going to go on the windy road.


    1. Well, my sense is that you would like the drive better by the sea? Beacause of the beauty? The inland freeway is ugly?
      It’s gorgeous if you go the coastal route and slightly slower? But, scenic, old California?

      Here is a link:

      That trip is on Pacific Coast Highway or Highway One…


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