Films to contemplate…

I spent yesterday looking at a film that was pretty frightening called Endgame.  You can see it here, by clicking this link. I came across it by accident, because I saw a story on Charlie Sheen and something he was doing in regards to 9/11.

What was interesting about that film was looking at the wiki on them?  Here.

Then today I looked at this trailer:

And read the book review, over here…


But, what a subject considering the headlines of late.

“The Road” could not be more timely.

But then, this one is too?  “9” —

This was an interesting read off the WSJ on the children of 9/11 growing up — these kids are in college now?

Hope might be inserted by song lyrics and films by looking backwards to the things we grew up with in the 70’s.  The cultural surround was very positive and sent a message of love and charity out?

Do kids today have that?

I hope so.

It was a darkish day yesterday after researching some of the themes in that first film.  Very dark.  The wiki list?  Hmmmm…..

15 thoughts on “Films to contemplate…

  1. Stopping by today to say Hi, to you. I have studied all of this info, for years a lot of it is a rehash of old John Birch literature with a new enemy the Bilderburgs.. and is mostly the old European cabal, that has become, less relevant, and moreso, as Europe capitulates to Islam, and Shariah finance, although France has begun to resist which is very important, and highly positive.

    Now I really am watching trends in the economy. Have been now, for a couple of years. My own theory is that the collective “One World Guv,” is primarily directed through the US and England, both countries which are in poor shape to be “dictating” their agenda to the rest of the world. Nixon, Carter, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 and Obama are all directly multinational corporate candidates, and regardless of the state of the economy under their administrations, the goal has been the same, to dissolve our borders in favor of the multinationals and to set up only at best a regional currency. Of course they are failing, terribly at the moment and all this fear mongering going on merely gives the reader of this material a sense that they are in control of the situation which they are NOT. I wouldn’t be surprised if Alex Jones was not an operative for them.

    On the other side, China, Russia, Brazil, India, and now Japan as well as other nations want to maintain sovereignity, at all costs, (especially Russia) which has always been very nationalistic. The threatening moves we see from these countries, is because they want to remain independent from the impinging controls levied by the US and UK, the IMF (international monetary fund) which also is a very negative institution in regards to how it treats 3rd world countries, and their debt, basically forcing these small countries to relinquish their natural resources to cover their debt.

    It is all very complex and can’t be discussed in one small comment here?

    The most recent one world currency was the US dollar as it dominated for decades, and throughout history we have had six other one world currencies, all of which eventually have failed. Including currency from Rome, the Byzantine Empire, England, (pound) and USA, (dollar).


  2. There you are!

    Illuminati under the rocks huh? icky, icky icky….icky.


    I missed you today. I see you are still quiet and thoughtful? Or what?

    or what?


  3. Actually, I took a class — did a drawing — I have three days of painting back to back. Trying to take my mind off all the rest.

    One thing though? They had to cut 100 classes. And, it is pretty unbelievable what they did to Marcia who ran a food place there?

    She’s out, after years. She was a total institution and I cannpt see why they would do that? They said budget cuts — due to CA probs.


    It’s really bad. Really bad. All those classes. There was no excuse to do that — none.

    I will miss her soups, and conversation and the MK Fisher quotes she always had up as well as her mochas on rainy days.

    Bogus, and terrible. And sad. Really sad.


  4. So glad to hear that you are painting and drawing! Makes me happy to think of you doing that…Just does

    uh huh.

    Hey! You have a soft heart, and there are lots of people losing their jobs. You could be sad all the time?

    Sorry to hear about your friend Marcia Obviously they didn’t want to let her go, since they kept her for years. Hopefully she will be fine…if she can make good soups? She will be.

    Ah well..

    Strawberries, Baby.



    1. PS. So I don’t sound flip, about Marcia. I lost my job last week.

      And I am neither sad or worried. So don’t you be.

      Just don’t want you to think, I don’t care about people losing their jobs.

      I do..



      On a lighter note?



  5. Oh no, you said nothing about that?

    Oh no.


    You said nothing?

    Why not?

    Oh we are all in the same boat in this country.
    We are. oh song — well, maybe it will be okay?

    I’m glad to hear you aren’t worried, tho.

    Still, that is bad to hear. I’m sorry.


  6. Oh!!!!!!! This is soooooooooo funny.

    I IGNORED THEM and went to work on Monday anyway!


    All the staff want me to stay, and two of them cried when I came back??

    So I helped them anyway.

    so, we shall see, we shall see……


    It is not bad Bonnaire. I have prepared for these times.

    I am not sweating.



  7. My actions were of course based on my refusal to be controlled by patriarchal structures

    and I choose my own terms?

    And I like them too.

    good people.


  8. Oh.


    Women were responsible for all the losses I have seen, so I don’t blame men for that at all. I used to work with a woman who literally built a tech dept. All of it. They let her go? But, then she was a consultant — after they realized their mistake?

    It just makes me sick — that’s all. For everyone in that boat. Right now. Disgusting.

    I bet they cried.


    1. Patriarchal structures to me? really don’t have anything to do with men or women? It is composed of both. All of us

      live in the structure,so to speak.

      It’s just that I am a systems thinker, Bonnaire. Holistic, incorporative, connectivity,

      yada yada.

      My point was simply that I have volition.

      Friendship doesn’t necessarily end because a job ends. Work doesn’t end.

      Just a funny way, I do things.

      we had a big group hug!


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