when in doubt make cobbler…


Anyway, I am so disgusted by the news I can’t stand it anymore.

Behind the scenes around here people are searching for quiche from scratch and the soup I did once here for Uppity — well today you are going to get a dessert!

So simple and fab you won’t even believe it.

This cobbler can be made by:

1.  foraging for wild berries…

2.  living near a farmer’s market…

3. deciding to use frozen ones… ahem.

Take two bags — one blackberries and one raspberries and drop them into a baking dish — while still  frozen.

For the topping:

I cup of flour,  1 and a half cups of sugar, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 2 eggs.

Mix the above together.

Melt one stick of butter.

Put the topping over the berries, press down into a crust and pour the butter over the top of that — some berries can peek through for effect…

Bake about 40 minutes until golden at 375.

Serve this plain or with vanilla ice cream —

This is no fail, totally fab, and guaranteed to make people smile and want seconds and thirds.

I am deciding whether I want to teach cooking just for fun based on the number of people who don’t seem to know how.

I must have 300 cookbooks from my corporate days and so on.  Well?

I am bored.  Bored.  BORED.

Yesterday I did do a nice pastel though — I amused myself this morning by looking at Craigslist.

To take my mind off all the bad news.  I can’t remember a time when everything seemed so bad as right now.  I really can’t.  It’s just disgusting.

Anyway, what I would like to be doing is making a bunch of cobblers for friends — so, here is my virtual cobbler and you can think of me when you make it.

I think I wasn’t wife material, but, I did teach myself to cook all kinds of things for him — like society dictated to me that I should.

In the early years…

27 thoughts on “when in doubt make cobbler…

  1. Hi Bored Bonnaire!!!!!

    Sounds wonderful? But the last thing I need is cobbler…although this sounds soooo delicious. Cobbler is perfect for taller thin women who wear hats.

    You could do a cookbook too!

    I checked out the SBWC last night and read all about it. Sounds perfect for you.

    I am so excited regarding your writing.

    Just so you know, I am still writing too….There is an episode in my twenties that ties this in….

    very funny and true.

    I can’t wait to meet you but you know that of course…*


    today while getting my hair cut, the hairdresser (I quit the man I went to for 15 yrs), who is about 30 was talking about Michelle Phillips..
    and it was interesting to hear her comments. I thought about how you write about talking to the next generations…
    and it entered my mind that this is exactly what the gens behind need to read about. I mentioned you to her, and told her about your writing and life, and I could tell that she was keenly interested…She isn’t married, but came from Iowa, and really wasn’t prepared for the world she met in Phx. Her degree was in social work, and she ended up working with gang bangers, and girls who wanted to get pregnant so they could have “a friend’…so, she gave up
    the field and became a hairdresser. Says she uses her degree while cutting hair….


    so you are right about the gens, needing to read this stuff.

    but then,

    you are a genuis….aren’t you.

    yes you are.


  2. Actually, I could do a tiny cookbook? I was thinking of that.
    Or something, just to do it.

    A survival style cookbook about easy things from scratch. The gens below us don’t know how in a way?

    I love to make that cobbler in fall and winter — it is very good, not too sweet — the top is reminiscent of a vanilla cookie in a way, a little.

    I really need to do something VERY SOON. I do. Tues will be here in a mo!


  3. I noticed on the SBWC they have all kinds of publishers for all kinds of things…including cookbooks too….

    No, they really don’t know how, and from what I am reading about the dollar…

    they ought to learn…and learn fast.

    you have a knack for this as well. You make things elegant, with so little fuss, and this is what is needed..

    I am very good only at cleaning up….I used to be a good cook, but now?

    It doesn’t sound too sweet…but so easy..


    Tuesday can’t get here soon enough. And I will see the sunset with you. Remember the day you called and I heard the ocean and you described it? And the sirens were screaming by here? And I was surrounded by all these people waiting at the pharmacy.

    I didn’t even notice them….

    You were talking..

    oh, it sounded so beautiful, and the way you described it…

    because I don’t have words like you do…

    I wasn’t where I stood…

    I was there.

    thanks for that…


  4. I think my grandmother liked Cabochard? And Fleurs de Rocaille? And Chanel 5.

    Lately I wear Clarins? Only because I can’t get my faves……I was looking into Dior’s Cherie but it is very sweet. In a way. My fave is Dior’s Dolce Vita — can’t get it anymore — they keep changing.

    I love 4711 and can’t get that either! Drat.

    There have been many I LOVED….. over time — but?
    They keep changing them, or dropping them.


  5. Cabochard smells like clean…soap…not complex at all.

    I was wondering…what you liked…

    I got these little samples today after I bought some makeup

    A Scent by Issey Miyake
    Chanel–Coco Mademoiselle

    I haven’t heard of them…little samples..

    Do you know these?


  6. Only the Coco…


    It’s radly like Coco Chanel, as well.
    There was only one Coco — very strong!
    They all keep making new perfumes and getting rid of the old special ones?
    Dunno why.

    Last year I got Magnifique — it was new, then — nice for Winter. Not “to much” — ?
    It just really depends what works on each person because?

    It just does.


  7. So, now, as usual your knowledge extends to perfumes as well…


    I haven’t heard of any of them..
    I thought of you when I was shopping yesterday…

    looking for a few items..I was…

    like mascara that lasts…

    everything has changed.

    and then I was given this bag of teeny stuff after my purchases..

    anyway, my new haircut?



    when you wear a bob?

    well you don’t want to look like Nancy Pelosi..

    at least I don’t.


    so I wake up this morning and it is standing straight up!!!


    I always say to myself.


    hair grows.


  8. haha!

    that first day afterwards always takes getting used to…

    mine is too long, and bleached from the summer and the pool at the mo — what a mess…but?

    oh well.

    oh well…………!

    oh well…….

    deal with it later….


  9. well Bonnaire, i really didn’t want to meet you looking like Nancy Pelosi? And the man who cut my hair for years was on this tangent that was BORING…. This sounds shallow, but?


    I guess I will look more like a blonde Sid Vicious?

    which tho’ shocking to me, at least reflects a level of







    At least Bonnaire you have your hair? Sunbleached or not!



  10. You may be comforted however that i wlll dress somewhat sedately, as I am staying at a Hotel in Monterey..as well

    with the Generals, and Admirals..

    and I will of course purport m’self with the greatest..

    God Bless America-ness…so as not to embarrass the family

    doncha know.


  11. Hahahahaha

    well I am back and I must say, that not one mirror today missed my view as fully stunned?????????

    I stopped and stared at m’self in a tell all 3 way mirror ( something I usually avoid)

    staring…….and staring…..

    having of course now to re-evaluate my current makeup?

    I mean this catastrophe can be met, I fully believe with a different eye shadow

    and eyeliner–and a different lipstick?

    maybe a different blush, and, well, I already have new mascara..

    oh, and different sunglasses, definitely different sunglasses…..so sez I



    the news is I received compliments by those under 18?

    uh huh….

    and have now determined that the hair, can be called:

    Victoria Beckham meets Sid Vicious?

    well can we say, I have avoided the Nancy Pelosi lookalike contest?

    but I own no clothes held together with safety pins..?


    any suggestions?

    I didn’t think so.



  12. OK Hair joke aside? (glad you got a laugh out of it..it is funny…)


    Tried to call you today Bonnaire..

    you were unplugged..

    but I guess given our last conversation

    when you were very silent throughout?

    well, This time before I called…

    I had an outline of topics..

    (just in case)

    doncha know.


  13. I’ll go get that phone — am making dinner so? Call after — I will. Phone is in car most of the time? Not sure what I have done with my new phone — this is the old one. I’ll call?


  14. Of course it is a tuffie Bonnaire. Given your essence and this world, well….

    enough said..

    You need to be very good to yourself..while you work on this…

    and though you don’t see it as Work..

    which I don’t understand as of yet…?

    it is Work, and so is your Art, Work..

    from my own perspective, everything we do..

    as we grow and develop throughout our lives..?

    Is what I call The Work..

    not an original term…but it is how

    I see it….


    You have very high expectations and high standards
    in everything you do…You are accomplished in so many places..
    and you must see all of this as totally meaningful…


    Nothing you have gained through effort is ever lost Bonnaire…

    No matter what the world says? The higher laws of life say differently..

    Time? Time Bonnaire is not only linear? Time is alive, it is oceanic…
    We contract Time…we limit it…we believe the shadows without substance..
    We see ourselves in sequence, in events, in fragments…

    And what we miss in these limits, is the very essence of who we really are..
    and the Meaning of ourselves in a broader, and wider field..

    You know this…

    I know you do…

    I just wanted to remind you?

    when you forget.


  15. Hi, I saw a couple but I didn’t know whether to put them through and I was going to call but my phone doesn’t work now. I found the new one though and charged it up — I think he forgot to pay the bill on the old one? Geez. It will be off soon anyway because it can’t keep a charge and two aren’t necess anymore.

    Anyway, have been working up a longer piece over the last few days and was
    mostly just solidly writing for the last few days for hours. Hope you are all caught up on sleep now after that drive!
    What a drive. So, I guess I could try to call tomorrow. Sorry if the phone was out if you tried to call — like you, concentrating now on work. I just have to right now. I managed to do a huge piece — from 1800 up to 7800 words over a few days. And counting. 15,ooo is goal or at least 10,000 plus edits.
    Anyway — talk soon? I really need to go back to work soon. I do. I really do.
    Grief is where I have been stuck since my mom and all the rest. It’s like waking up to reality right now. Ugh. It is.


  16. I am so glad to read that you have been writing. I was exhausted last we talked and could not fall asleep for over 48 hours. got to that place where I just was so wired. Caffeine and so much need to concentrate.

    Ah well. I miss you.


    I began to read tonight your writing, and it is exquisite, totally beautiful, just so perfect. You have so much talent, and I am just awed by it. I guess it is my weakness. I have this feeling so strong about potential and talent. And you?

    well, words cannot say how strongly I feel about your gift. I would do anything for you. to help you. Whatever I can do..I know you don’t understand me all that well….and I wouldn’t understand me either if I were you..

    Go visit my blog for a bad group picture…I posted the family so you could see it.


    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Most of all. Keep writing. This will bear fruit for you. Have faith.

    I have enough for you.

    But you need your own.

    Dear Genius.


    1. I just woke up from a sound sleep to read this..

      I can see that you are up late…

      oh man, I have had many up late nights..

      I was dreaming but forgot it…

      Times are trying…but we will be ok Bonnaire….

      trying to figure out a few thangs m’self.


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