“Bright Star” is really exquisite…

Oh so worth it in an age that lacks romanticism. It was so lush cinematically. I knew it would be after the trailer but? It really was. I loved the contrast of the dark rooms with the outside — especially the bluebell wood and the butterflies. Some of my favorite scenes were when they pressed their hands to the wall, and the butterflies.

Also, the costumes and hats! Lush — so poetic. Just saw it tonight and yes, love. It’s like that.

The theatre was empty but, I could hear people crying, and I did too.

5 thoughts on ““Bright Star” is really exquisite…

  1. Stopped in SB last night. Saw places I remembered…… Drove to the beach. Got sand in my shoes..

    Thank you so much, Adrienne..

    Time now to sleep. 15.5 hours on the road….

    love to you,



  2. Oh wow. You drove all the way home?
    Sleep well. For two days maybe…
    Talk again soon, Song, and glad it went well at the graduation. It was so nice to meet you after all this time talking on here!

    Oh sleep tight, whew. OMG — too much driving!


  3. I would drive all the way again to meet you Bonnaire and all the way back.. Thank you for showing me your lovely town.. And tomorrow I will begin reading…


    On the wildlife front, I saw a lot of hummingbirds in SB, and I saw those crows, and of course the seagulls..
    and I saw a bluejay in Monterey, and a lot of pelicans and Sea lions, a small yellow finch at a gas station..

    and the moonlight on the ocean…and the sound. And last night while everyone ate, I stood at the pier and watched the waves beating against the rocks…On the way, I saw farms and a place to get blueberries..
    all kinds of different terrain than Az..

    Very different.

    This morning while driving home, I saw the sunrise in AZ…and the road as I drove down the hill vanished into the horizon, which looked like a sea of gold…..before that, the saguaros…shadowed against the deep colored sky….


    Always life…

    doncha know.

    the moon shed jewels on the water….

    I took many deep breaths…..


  4. Wow. I just cannot believe that you drove that whole way. Thank you for the compliment. Well, there was an article in the NYT this am that rather explains “complex grief” in a way I can get it.

    I think this relates very much to the losses I have gone through since 2000. I’m just going to try and reconsruct identity via printed word at this point…

    I’m glad the trip went well, and, SLEEP! I just can’t believe you drove that whole way. It was great meeting you and now you know the terrain and drive you can return anytime! I’m going to try and see if I can do the reverse at some point soon — out that way. I have loved the desert ever since I first saw it– the part where the rocks are straited and red? It’s beautiful in all that empty space.


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