What I’m reading, and looking at architecturally in the mo…

These two are what I am going to be reading.  I’m almost afraid to enter the world that the writer has created in a way?  I see it as so close to a reality we are living out right now…

When I was a teenager my favorite style of entertainment was this sort of book — or film.

The films “Silent Running” and “Soylent Green” come to mind — and the books “1984” and “Brave New World.”

Anyway, Atwood has been a favorite since “Handmaid’s Tale.”

I spent the morning researching other writers in my genre and looking at houses on this historic register place.  Look at this fab one in Maine!

I love old white-washed Victorians…

Anyway, it was interesting to see how many houses are in the middle of the country.  These are the kind of houses that I dreamed of as a child — they always reminded me of writer’s houses.  For some reason…

One of the reasons I like this architectural style is because it dates from the late 1880’s to the early 1900’s here.  It just represents solidity or Americana on some level to me.  Mostly I have traveled up and down the west coast but never seen the middle of the country or the east and I’d really like to one day.  There are Victorians out here as well all over — and in the other western states.  The fanciest ones date from the era of the Gold Rush.

Anyway, this was a lede story in the LAT today.  This woman was alive when these houses were being built, and this is a very sad and true story.

I feel very frightened for what our state and my country is going through.  I really do.

I always think about the years from 1900 to now, and what things look like and how they have changed.

I read a bunch of reviews of Atwood’s new book and one thing I very much admire about her is bravery on the page — and to enter the world of these particular themes.  She is a fearless writer?  She is.  I feel that way about Kate Braverman too.

This was my fav article on Atwood, off TreeHugger — on the themes in this book.

As a child I was always reading that ‘Little House on the Prairie” series — I’m thinking of all the books I have read over the years and it is just astounding in a way.  When you think about the writers you read who helped shape your own voice — a voice you don’t even recognize until you get read…

Kind of funny that way.  I just feel really, really scared right now and I don’t want to.  I look at the news and it is so difficult to never see any human interest stories to balance out the whole rest of it.  My plan was to insert that sort of thing (as a therapist) into my plots?  But, I wonder if it would even work?  It’s like the heart has gone out of the world and that scares me the most.

Just let me go live in 1900.  Wherever that exists in this country right now.  That is how I feel.

So, we went from a total freezing rainstorm to 85 degrees and sun.

In a day.

Climate change is real, my generation knows it, and now, the only question is where to go?


In the mean time, I could try and leave a fictional world of beauty and remembrance or love?

Maybe.  Or even a survival story with the added twist my genre provides…


At least when you are in the fictional worlds you create you can escape for a bit — the harsh reality of what is actually going on…

Part of me feels like writing and the other part wants to escape into a book.

I can’t stop thinking of my mother, right now.  I really can’t.  I just miss her strength.  Like you cannot believe.

Anyway, I think I’ll put that memoir on the back burner for a bit and read, and write in my old genre.  I just feel like it because it was fun for me and right now I just want some FUN very badly, I swear.

I need some!

16 thoughts on “What I’m reading, and looking at architecturally in the mo…

  1. Hi Bonnaire,

    I read that interview and the book really looks great! Sounds like it might be disturbing too. I had no idea MA wrote this type of story. Oh well, til I met you here I hadn’t heard of her at all…..
    I hope that you really get to go to Maine, someday, and to the midwest if you want..Sounds to me like after all your writing these past months that you just need to curl up with a good book….You seem so compelled with the 1900’s…
    Quite a time…
    You really worked hard on that submission….and I don’t know about you, but after I finish projects? I always need to take a break…there is a kind of emptiness that follows the output phase.

    Well, I send out a prayer everynight for your recent submission. Lord knows, I can’t imagine anyone writes better here and I know you don’t really need my prayers as your writing is phenomenal,

    geez I bet you get tired of me writing that huh?


    Sorry Bonnaire. It’s just the way I feel.


    1. Well, I am on page 100.
      It’s everything I thought it would be. And more. She is a genius? Umm, hmm.
      She is one of the most esteemed writers around — and from Canada.
      She writes feminism, although she does not claim to be one? But, to an American woman it really is.
      The irony of the book is that the themes in it will be lost on many — but not all.


  2. I read this today. Made me think of stories I read in your book. The way you,

    I sit in a mood of reverie.
    I brought to Art desires and sensations:
    things half-glimpsed,
    faces or lines, certain indistinct memories
    of unfulfilled love affairs. Let me submit to Art:
    Art knows how to shape forms of Beauty,
    almost imperceptibly completing life,
    blending impressions, blending day with day.


  3. welll, you are a genius.

    and I know I say things til they become like’
    a pair of old shoes..

    worn out…useless

    so, you are a genius
    and I am going to have dinner now

    maybe you would prefer a
    friend who calls you a moron???


    I would be remiss had I not
    told you how gifted you are
    how talented
    how you hold genius within you.


    1. And I will say, thank you, once again.
      It’s just a lot of compliment, that’s all.
      I’m not used to it.

      THANK YOU, anyway for being a constant supporter?

      It was like 100 degrees here today or more — just unreal after the rain.
      And the book? Wow. Just wow.

      ps: I hope those editors feel like you do?
      if they don’t well…..

      back to the drawing board.


  4. Oh Christ…I am not giving you my “feel good” opinion
    nor am i some lonely pathetic groupie

    just because I have faith in you doesn’t mean
    there is something wrong with me..

    And those editors? Well if they say “no”
    they will tell you why, and you will fix it…



    1. Song. I am in a huge “feel like a failure” mo — so?
      it has nothing to do with you?

      I am not used to taking compliments from anyone?
      Truly. As a child I was taught it was quite vain and that is stamped on my psyche in many ways.
      So, you aren’t a groupie to me? What you did was read me and you gave me an honest opinion that I really appreciate?
      It has been a tremendous compliment.


      Now, I did my research over the last few days — looked into the styles of the others and just hope the editors feel as you do for that one tale.
      I hope so. My voice and writing style may be different to them? But I hope they will go for it, anyway.
      This is one of those periods of emotional lull in a way — or great fear? So? I meant it to say thank you!


  5. Of course it is a period of emotional lull. You just finished a draining project. you got a cold,
    you worked so hard. you really worked hard on this…

    You did. Now you are in a lull.

    Isn’t that normal? I think it is, I really do.

    and then the weather changed. And you prefer the light.

    but you finished a project, and you let it go…

    It has nothing to do with your writing what
    they say..
    All of that depends on a product

    not totally on talent.

    Hopefully you have cut out a niche where talent and their product co-incide.

    That would be an optimal circumstance.

    If that publisher has one rat’s ass worth of brains.

    I don’t give compliments..I “recognize”

    so you don’t need to say, “thank you”


    1. you see, you have “logic” going for you?
      all that that you just said—-
      okay then, still, this is a time I just feel like I want to work and not think about
      or worry about the grim news — it has just gotten to the point that I can’t take it anymore.
      I swear, these are the most hopeless times I have ever seen– all over the news.


  6. Yes, the times are so difficult.

    I don’t deny it…..

    and what you said:

    about wanting to “work and not think about it”


    LOGICAL to me

    ’til we meet again…Beautiful one.

    your friend



  7. note to Song!

    I got your note, and I’m sorry to hear that the blog is GONE again. But, you’ll be back and I wanted to wish you good luck today at the job!
    By now you are probably already there solving things, I’m sure…

    Thank you for all the things you said and I’ll call tonight?

    What a drag that you took that blog down again, but, just come back in a new form when you want to? Thank you for all the things you have always said. I have much to say to you about the support you have given me as a scribe?

    It’s a hard job sometimes? And contact with the outside world via friends means a lot!

    Well. That book! Unbelievable. If you really want to see a writer in action these two…say it all. I just started the second one. Which was actually a prelude to the first one.

    Anyway, I’ll call tonight after 7 or or so, and I hope you like it, today…
    The thing I miss not working is all the people I used to see?
    Writing is far lonelier as a job — so thank you for coming by, as always.


    hugs from me!


  8. Dear Bonnaire,

    I am home long enough to prepare dinner for my mother, feed the dog, check the hummingbird’s water and give the mockingbird her pear and then I have more work to do. Will tomorrow evening be alright with you?


  9. Hello Good evening Your quietness,

    is your mood über-bad still? Having a hard time myself @ work..always difficult for me to go down into the left brain room. I practically have to drag myself there? Yup. Today I was talking with a co-worker from New Delhi about the Harappa Civilization, and totally didn’t notice someone who handed me a piece of paper with some, well, important information? I forgot her and the transaction totally.

    hmmm Time to go “downstairs”. That’s what I call the “left brain” world.

    ah well, life goes on. Anyway, I just love to talk with you?

    I am grateful for your friendship.


    You are unforgettable!!!

    Yay! Oh, and A-Rand? Don’t waste your time or mindpower. One dimensional characters utilized more to project a very worldly philosophy. Still, just a balance to collectivism.

    Somewhere over the rainbow



    1. Hi again.
      That dog one was something, but, I don’t want to post that — funny thing though about how they sense things? I sure wish I had my old dogs back. I really want a pup pretty soon, but, still waiting on it. That second book of Atwood’s is on cloning…..whew. “Rakunk” – equals a cross between a raccoon and a skunk made odorless to be a fun pet. Grim. Scary too.


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