Nanoday #1 — “Heart of Clouds” — a YA novel…in thirty days and 50,000 words…

It went well…the characters and plot came to me yesterday, actually names for the boy and the girl.  Teenie and Devlin — but I  won’t give away more than that.  I ran into a librarian I know yesterday and she told me that there was a need for the sort of book I’m writing, isn’t that great?

Well, I thought so!  Now, it falls under literary fiction with a dose of magic realism and a sprinkle of romance but we aren’t there yet.  I will build that in.  It’s funny how the characters are people I know — from the time I was thirteen?  Like pastiches of that in a way.  I’m having to go back in my head, but I’m writing this one as a therapist for that very young audience…


Lunch ahoy, and maybe the beach calls too for a walk.  I started at 7 in the morning, but I edited as I wrote, too.

How I came up with the title was something Teenie’s dad said to her… it was this:

He’d said to her “Teenie, you have a heart made of clouds, you know that?”
“I do?”
“Never forget that, okay?”

Today I got to 2034 words!  Whew.  Bigtime!


2 thoughts on “Nanoday #1 — “Heart of Clouds” — a YA novel…in thirty days and 50,000 words…

    1. thank you mwgriffith!

      funny how the characters just arrived almost whole — when I was dreaming up the book I had seen this marvy picture in the web? Of clouds forming around a blue sky-shaped heart? I loved that. Teenie is a poet? It’s so great to see how many kids are writing in there? Really great.



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