Nanoday #2! — the YA “young romance novel” develops…

Today was great as I wrote because the characters are coming to life on the page.  Teenie has just caught sight of the boy Devlin and found the shell he left for her in the driftwood hut.  Writing this really took me back to that era in my own life and, my favorite old dog Buff was in there too.  There will be more about him, but, he was just there!  Like he always was — even though he has been gone ten years.  I called him “Melloman” and put him on a porch!  Really great to see him again and bring him to life on the page…

here is an excerpt from today:

Teenie sat for a long time just looking at the shell.  Finally she thought to herself, somebody else.  Maybe it was even the person who had built the sea hut!  And then, just up in the dunes above her was a boy.  He looked like he was her age.  The wind ruffled his sandy blonde curls.  He was wearing a plaid flannel shirt — that was all she could see of him.  It was Devlin Underwood.  Teenie stood up to call out to him but he had bolted across the dunes like a young colt.  In one instant he was gone.  Gone.
The longer Teenie sat there looking at the shell, the more she thought it might have been that boy who had left the abalone.  She picked it up and held it to the sun so that she could watch the colors shift inside like magic.  It was one of the prettiest shells she had ever seen.  The outside was rough and knurled like it had lived for a thousand years in the ocean, but the inside glittered like a spectacular jewel.  It must have had about two hundred colors all swirling around inside it — like water, almost.
He must have done this, Teenie thought.  He must have left this here for me.

So, these characters are kids?  I imagine that my character Teenie Alexander would have gone to see a movie like Bright Star — she would have wanted to see that.  Except this is set in modern times — in a way.  They live in a village, by the sea — the details of which are unfolding gradually.  Yesterday Dev had seen her crying — sitting in a sea hut he’d made of driftwood — these are very common along the beaches here — all year long.  I’m having a great time writing it — it’s kind of charming so far, I think.  At this point we have boy and girl just “seeing” each other across the windswept sandunes.  I’ve decided to make this novella just last one week – in both of their lives?  Right before school starts — Junior High.

I dd a reading for a friend last night over the phone.  She loved it so far…

Well  today was 2089 — bringing the total so far to 4123 words!  Pacing myself…  This pic looks like the hut that Teenie found…a little.

and this one shows the iridescence inside a special abalone, like the one Devlin left for Teenie!

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