Nanoday #3 — YA teen literary “pre-romance” novella continues…!

Another fab writing morning today.  Yesterday I realized I want to set the story in about a week’s time frame — the week before school will start.  It’s a novel about friendship — a friendship between a boy and a girl.  I did a lot on the backstory today — for my character Teenie Alexander.  She is about to make an apple pie to try and cheer up her mother, but,  the best part was getting to write Devlin, today.  What Teenie did  was leave him a special note asking him just this question: “Who are you?” — here is an excerpt from today about him…

The gull flapped its wings widely and seemed to almost understand.  Devlin knew that animals could speak to humans.  Sometimes they did it just with their eyes, or with their wings, or sometimes they made sounds.  Each animal had its own special language — and birds knew the language of the air.
How totally cool, he thought, when he saw the stones.  How totally cool of her to leave that.    Devlin had never really considered whether girls would think he was good looking or not.  It just wasn’t something he thought much about, but for some reason, with this cool girl, it mattered.  In fact, that morning when he looked at himself in the mirror he had studied his own face carefully.
It almost seemed like it was the first time he had really seen himself, looking back at his own face.  It’s not a bad face, he thought.  But, he wasn’t sure exactly what type of face he would call it.  He decided to think about it as if it were a wise face, because, wisdom was important to him.

I love the way the story is shaping itself.  I really do.  I was doing a bit of research this morning on getting boys to read?  Hopefully this sort of thing might draw them in a bit.  Here is an article off the London Standard on that…I hope there is going to be enough adventure to draw in readers from all sides?  I do.  I’m hoping that by using a character driven plot like I am? Well…

Anyway Dev is based on two actual boys I knew at age 13-14 — when I was in Junior High.  At that age, I remember we had this class called Individualized Reading.  We got to read anything we wanted in that class.  I think I might have read Steinbeck for the first time in that class, and I know I was reading “The Hobbit” at that time too.  My tale has a lot of naturalism in it?  Dev loves the ocean.  The boy that I am remembering grew up into a deep sea urchin diver…he was in a class I had at the time called “Vocabulary” — that whole class was just about learning words.  Truly.  Anyway, it is so cool to see all these kids writing!  Maybe they aren’t reading because it is boring to them?  I’m thinking it might appeal to age 9 or ten and up?  In that class I used to have we got to choose what we wanted to read? It took a while to pick a book from the shelves…the assignment was to write a book report once you had finished — it might have been a book a week or two?  I think it might have been just a one or two page summary but I remember how much i adored that class and the teacher.  I really did.

And, wcll today was 2176  more words– bring the total so far to 6299!  We are on page 27…YAY!

If I do say so myself…

Huzzah, hurrah, and now perhaps lunch?  Before I vote…

Here is that logo for my book again and a link into the fab NaNoWriMo!

My novella being written for 2009!

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