Nanoday #4 — the YA novella continues, even through a tough spot…

Ugh.  This was like hitting “the wall”  today — not writer’s block but an incredibly tough passage.  I’m in a part where I had to write the depression in the house where Teenie is, in her mom?  She has made an apple pie — here is a piece of their dialogue.  I actually had to change the subject while I was writing — writing Dev was way easier, today for some reason.  In this section today I was inside these two character’s heads, and how they are coping with loss?

here is a snippet:

“Mom do you feel like helping me?”
“No, honey.  I don’t.”
“Teenie, I am trying to watch the news.”
“But, mom…”
When her mother’s voice sounded short like that she knew that asking for anything was going to be impossible.  She’d just have to do it herself.  I wish dad was here, she thought.
Teenie’s mom was in her usual place on the sofa, with her pajamas on and feet tucked up under a blanket.  Her eyes were riveted to the television screen watching the newscasters talk on and on.  That was because of The Wave.
“Another species just went extinct, Teenie,” she called out.
“The Wave is on its way, now.”
“Mom, can we just make this pie together?”

After the pie is made, I resolved the scene somewhat — but today was just one of those crummy writing days when you aren’t on track in a way.  Ugh.  What really helped was seeing the pep talks in Nanoville?  It really did, and also, seeing all the other writers twittering away with their progress.  I think not looking at the news might be helpful — except, Ugh.  Just looking at the news on the G is enough to make a person ill.

Today I’m stopping at 1822 words.  Better than nothing, and it is only a rough draft.  Forwards!

grand total w/c so far is 8121…




28 thoughts on “Nanoday #4 — the YA novella continues, even through a tough spot…

  1. Well you wrote this very well. I get the feeling totally of what is going on here, and know this place. Parents not involved with their children…very real, what you wrote here. Totally.

    I don’t believe you will ever get writer’s block, just hard things you deal with, and it takes more energy to write this, and sometimes it is depleting, whereas yesterday, it was more circular, filling you with good feelings as you wrote it.

    Music is this way. Some songs deplete. Other’s renew, but both have to be sung…

    anyway, way to go Bonnaire.



  2. Actually I read this incredible pep talk by a novelist — it was in the twitterstream as it went by but, is he ever right…

    Pep Talk from Neil Gaiman:

    It was great. I want this to show a lot of interiority in terms of the feelings?
    so at T’s place her mom is depressed — well, D has lost his mom? So, in a way they are very much in the same sorts of places emotionally?

    I want to read it to you! Shoot….haha!
    Thank you for being so supportive of my pen….


  3. How about tomorrow night, because I want to sit outside, and listen and I want to be sure that my fever is totally gone!!!!

    ! I will call ok!

    I am so glad you found that by a writer! Hey! You do deal with a lot of interiority, and feelings. That is what you do better than anyone. Even that little piece of dialogue you wrote up there captured the feeling you meant to write, and that, in just a few perfectly chosen words! For me when I wrote songs, I could always take a sad passage,and add beauty in the melody, and I did it alot….. It was surprising how the melody, projects another “energy” into the lyric.

    Your writing has another “melody” floating in it. Can’t describe it, but I can hear it.


  4. ps: Song, because you have worked with so many kids in the schools and because this is aimed at that audience — your critique and thoughts matter a great deal!

    signing off, now….soon.
    you get better and don’t go outside with a fever, OMG……!
    or get near any cats either for that matter….


    4 days down and 26 to go — 50,000 word novella is the goal!


  5. older students, but some of your themes, they will identify with…for sure

    Just Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t you know how good this is?


    1. song — just find a kid you know and see what they think…

      boy, thank you it’s like music to a writer’s ear to hear that….umm,hmmm.
      it is…..
      you saved me after today……..!
      I’m going to run to the store and get cookies now. I am.


  6. find a kid? lol! well my niece is nine?

    She’s into parrots and gymnastics, puzzles, and fairies and nature?

    No, really kids her age love the magical component…they haven’t forgotten about magic..but they are assaulted by worldly facts. She would like the parts about the Wave, nature? About how the trees have spirits?


    I don’t know what she will be like at 12?


    Gosh I am glad you are going to get cookies. What kind did you get?

    Maybe you should get the librarian to read it.? She reads a lot?

    I bet she will love it!


  7. cake!
    one slice of cake……..
    hey — thank you? really —!
    ps: I read it to my old friend and she loved it like you do — she called last night — it made me really feel better after yesterday….!
    thanks x bazillions — it’s harder than I thought?


  8. Yay! Cake.

    So glad your old friend loved it as much. It is fantastic writing. I bet she was excited to hear your reading.

    Everyone needs feedback, no matter what they say. The illusion many writers present is the idea of cavernous hours locked inside. Depends on the brain-mind combination of the writer, really. All learning styles vary, and so do writing styles/needs.

    I think it is really good that you are reading this to people, because you can hear, yourself..and you have a sounding board (listener). bringing from the body the voice. How do you feel after you have read it aloud?


  9. You know that hard part in the dialogue yesterday? While I was reading it she burst out crying? really. She did. That meant that I had been able to capture the feeling — it was very huge for me to know that I did that?
    really—– it is kind of a cavern because you are trying to choose which words to lay down?
    Anyway, the feedback from the two of you was incredibly helpful — and it also helps me refine the theme as well?

    I kind of go into character while I read it? For the sounds?
    Like that?
    Dunno. Today is going well, so far. Really well and almost at the goal.


  10. ps: Song, I’d like to see what a 9 year old thought? maybe 9 to 15 years — and also a parent? and a teacher?

    if you have that in your circle of people….

    ? thanks!

    hugs from me….


  11. I can already tell you if i read it to my niece she will love the story. No doubt about it. When I get stronger, I will see who I can round up for your sample audience. My ex Sister in law, already loves your writing. She told me so, and does a lot of reading. A lot.

    I am so glad you are getting all kinds of support as you work on this project. It is personally moving to me that your old friend cried when you read certain parts to her. It confirms the organic presence of your soul, in your words, which is what I consider to be a rarity, today. That’s just me, but I am very astute in these matters for many reasons..
    And that is what makes Adrienne, a powerful voice, no matter what Adrienne writes. Although you have been hollowed out by much suffering, your instrument, is now fully seasoned, like a Stradivarius. your tone, is bittersweet often, tinged with tears, but full of life. In my estimation, you as an instrument of life and all the it entail, are priceless.

    Love to you, I hope your painting hours were fulfilling. Nature smiled as well as all the wild things that you didn’t see.

    so sez I.


      1. You know what — i skipped class and just did research today. Ugh. I wish I had gone out but it got cold and the time change has messed up things for me — summer is just over so fast — it is 5 and almost dark out! Ugh. Anyway, hey, thank you. I am looking for feedback from people like yours? Haha.
        Well hopefully all the feelings will be in there sad, happy, and so forth — just emotion in a way — pure emotion. Today was happy! and light — that is reflected in the dialogue I think. Still though — it is a cavern in a way? Truly, it is! We all go in it when we are in that space of creation I think.


  12. I don’t agree that we all go into a cavern. As I said before everyone has a different learning style, and writing style..variations on the theme of intelligences, and essences. Variations on the themes of creativity. I know that you thrive with feedback, because it completes the cycle for you, of energy. It doesn’t seem to influence your output, which is absolutely wonderful. Seems to me that is what I am picking up from your process.

    you are such a dear…

    I am sorry to hear that you skipped class in favor of research. Had I been there I would have insisted you bundle up, and hit the beach, to replenish your mind, and maybe have something warm to drink for you, This is what you need, but you always don’t do these things for yourself, do you? Your old friend would agree with me I am certain.

    Well tomorrow is another day, and you can take a moment, maybe…

    As for the people I know?

    Don’t know what you mean by that.


    1. see you were just writing about “the cavern” — in terms of staying in one? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! no food, no outer interruptions and so forth! dunno–that is what I mean by cavern….
      as for your people, I meant nothing more than kids or teachers in your circle or a young family member?
      my friend is our age with (or had) teenagers? — we fall into “mom” style category when reading in a way — but a kid would have their own view of something?t
      Unforch, now that I am not with the agency I have no contact with kids right now to ask them to read and see if they liked it?
      I’m just not around any kids? But, since I am like a kid myself most of the time….well….hahahahahahah!
      Oh well. I guess I have to figure out some food again, urgh.
      I do. Getting hungry….the cavern has a ton of coffee and tea but not much else avail.
      A writer who acts like a big kid might be a good read for kids if I do say so m’self……had a good day writing today.


  13. Is that what you think? You aren’t naturally a cavern dweller. You aren’t a little mincy intellectual with bat eyes who can weave words masterfully hanging upside down trying to make their world rightside up. Nope.
    But if the metaphor of a cavern makes you happy in the ha-ha way, well then, what difference. It is just that I don’t see you in that light at all. I see you as a person who prefers comforts, who doesn’t always succumb to what is highly congruent with your immediate requirements.

    So here is your dinner……

    Here is a pillow, a warm cup of coffee, and some cookies..
    here is a warm blanket, and a soft burning candle…and here is lovely music to fill your cavern for tonight.

    Glad you had a good writing day. You have many good writing days ahead.


  14. nope you don’t…you don’t have the cavern personality. You don’t have the cavern eyes. You don’t have the cavern outlook, squinting at the light…barely showing a shaft in this dark world…you don’t have the self indulgence, you are not a black hold collapsing into itself.

    Ah great literature. (gag)

    unfortunately many writers do, and ho hum, ho hum ho hum……angst….angst…..angst..

    I long ago decided the a cheery disposition is highly undermined by the grand perception of intellectual acumen. How diminished is the person of mind, in the presence of those who sit on the mattress and complain about the pea, in great detail btw, so all see the pea and none see the pillows….

    there is a difference between mind power and brain power. There really is a reason to believe in magic.

    Because magic exists…peas or no peas.


      1. I have read everything here, through Google reader, and your work is incredible. Love this story….

        Anyway, was very down earlier this am, given the circumstances @ Ft. Hood. Took a long walk, and did a lot of thinking…
        After you finish your project I would appreciate it if you would read what I have written…but not until your project is over.

        I’ll try to call this weekend.

        Until then. This is wonderful what you are doing here. Bonnaire!




      2. It’s very sad. About what happened. I know it must have really been difficult especially for you, because of your own family?
        I’m glad you walked.

        I’d love to read it, but I will have to wait until I have finished writing?
        Mean that. Just e it to me as a rich text document or plain text and I will!
        talk this weekend…


  15. forgive my typos tonight. I need to go up a grade in my glasses. At least today I have not had a fever for even a few minutes.

    Maybe my brain is fried…. Ah well, the home-star awaits anyway.

    I would hate to leave you though?


    I have grown fond of you Bonnaire…


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