Nanoday #5! — YA “young romance” novel has a miraculous twist! into happy scene….

Plus, something fab happened for me yesterday as a writer (make that two things during this process) — a very old friend of mine was listening to a reading over the phone of that hard dialogue chapter from yesterday and she wept.  Really.  I hadn’t realized just how much emotion was in that piece but that is where I was blocked like mad in that passage of dialogue.  I really had to write myself out of that place by changing the subject, I swear.  I did!  Anyway, feedback like that is priceless to me as a writer?  It really is.  I sort of teared up myself, after that — but, I’m trying hard to do realistic emotion and ?


Also, thank you Song — for taking the time to read that and get well!

Today was 1828 more words — grand total so far is 9949.  I have not done one thing really since this started either — so today I’m going out to paint.  I’ll be by the sea, myself!

I wish all the writers as much luck as I seemed to have today, truly.

So, here was a snippet — from chap 5 — “secret smile” — (romance part building!)  Teenie has baked a pie, and she shares it with Mr. Honeygarten.  Of course, she has something she wants to ask him?  He serves tea in a set much like this picture!

“Oh good,” she sighed.
“Why on earth would you ask such a question?”
“Well, I just wasn’t sure whether I was or not.”
“Well you are dear, and prettiness is something that women grow into — it takes a very long time, by the way.  I suppose you are just at the very beginning of that rather long quest, yourself.”
There was silence for a moment while they both took a sip of tea.  And then Mr. Honeygarten smiled.
“Is there a boy, my dear?”
“Is there a boy involved in all of this asking about prettiness?”
Teenie Alexander blushed.
“There is,” she said.
“I see, dear.”
But then they ate the pie quietly and neither of them said another word about it.  Eventually Teenie’s blush had gone away, all by itself.
Right before she left Mr. Honeygarten had smiled and said, “You know my dear, when I was a boy, there was a certain girl I thought was the most beautiful girl in the world.”
“Her name was Claire.”

I just adore writing the dialogue for old Mr. Honeygarten.  He’s a charmer!


well, so far so good!

5 thoughts on “Nanoday #5! — YA “young romance” novel has a miraculous twist! into happy scene….

  1. Hi Bonnaire….

    I finally have taken time for a breather.


    Actually I have been writing over these past few days and decided to stay off the web. Decided to write a feminist/feminine power novel…Something I would want to read……that I never have…..
    Somewhat science fiction, tied into little known myths…in our world….set in modern times….highly believable, disturbing, in one way. Tied into to current belief sets…current events..

    that’s about it.


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