Nanoday #8 — moving right along, fably…”Heart of Clouds” YA teen romance…

Well, yesterday was a pretty unbelievable day when women heard the news on that health bill.  Unreal.  It is.

But, one thing it has done for me as a novelist is made me determined to tell the tale of a feminist little girl — and so, even though I am writing a charming little teen romance — there is more there than meets the eye.   My main character Teenie will learn — (in the series I plan to write that covers Jr. High and High School) — all about all kinds of things.  In this first book “Heart of Clouds” — she is learning how to befriend a boy.

So, were are at 74 pages today.  How fab.  I had no idea just how “big” that was going to look but I looked at Graham Greene’s “End of the Affair” and it’s 192 pages long.  Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” is 105 pages.  These fall under Literary novels.  My fav kind, and hopefully what I am also writing.  Classic themes of human nature — ?

So anyway “Heart of Clouds” — is a pre-teen romance…for the 13+ year old set?  maybe 14 – 17 years old — as well.  Maybe even more than that?  I’m not sure.

Today, my character Devlin is going to drive for the first time — with his grandfather on a high mountain road.  I did a lot on the backstory for T’s mom today too.  1942 w/c and total so far is 16,445 words.  74 pages!  Whew.  That means I have 101 to go, by the end of the month.

here is their dialogue from the mountain scene today:

“Son, I’ve been meaning to have a talk with you for quite some time,” he said, taking the wheel back.
“I know how hard it has been for you to lose your mother.”
“Grandma doesn’t like to bring it up, so, I thought we could have a man-to-man about it.”
“I don’t really feel like talking, Grandpa.”
Devlin fidgeted in his seat.  It wasn’t easy to talk about feelings most of the time.  His mom and dad hadn’t really encouraged that — and so he had grown up pretty much in his world of books, all alone.  He was the sort of person who observed life, most of the time, from a distance.  He saw just about everything though.  Not much escaped him.  It never had, even from the time he was very, very young.  He seemed much older than his years.
“All right then, we’ll let it go for now, son, but, I want you to know that you can always come to me, if you want to talk.”
“Always, Dev.”
“Any time, okay?”
The truck climbed into the steep hills.  Devlin watched the pastures flying by and the cows, and the deer, and the hawks — they even saw black turkey vultures wheeling in the sky.  As they turned inland from the coast the fog was gone and it grew hotter.  Eventually they were going to come to the dirt road where they would make the last climb to the top of the mountain — up where the tallest pines grew.

I’m very happy with the scenes today — the characters are blossoming as the backstory unfolds.  I’ve set the novel in the real world — albeit a world that does have some magical realism in it.  Anyway, it isn’t fantasy…this series is going to be real life, for real teens, but, what I did was set it in an earlier era a bit.

The truck Devlin’s grandfather is driving looks like this…inside!

What I’m going to do after the month is up and this novel is finished is start planning the second one in the series.  I had no idea I was going to take this jaunt, but, I am.  It’s probably because of last night and what happened — for feminism’s sake.  Teenie my character is an example of the kind of empowerment girls had in the 70’s as they were growing up.  Timely, no?

My novella being written for 2009!

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