Nanoday #10 — “Heart of Clouds” reaches the magical number!

Today, I realized I was going to make 20,000 words.  I am in awe of that — that I did it?  I slowed down as I was getting to the last 328.  I wanted to see what the 20,000 word was.  It was the word “going” — and that word can mean many different things.  It has been amazing to me, to be writing with this group of writers.  Their little icons flash by on Twitter like a wild rush!  And, sometimes it helps just knowing that we are all in the same boat as writers?

It’s the words — and whether they are moving us along, or not.  Sometimes, the words don’t come out — so when a writer sees another writer in there — you can see the struggle to make that happen.  And, you aren’t alone!

It’s great.  Also, it’s great to see people doing the shout outs!

So today was 1779 words.  The total is now 20,197.

When I started I really didn’t know whether I would be able to do it or not, because I had usually written short stories?

Today was just beyond magical to reach 20,000 words to me.  I really mean that.  And, I love the story too.

Today was all about how Devlin and Teenie are writing to each other?  Here is the opening of the chapter “seadreams” —

Teenie Alexander parted the seaweed curtain and stepped inside the hut.  It was totally private in there, now that it had a sort of doorway.  He’d taken strand after strand of the seaweed and woven it into the driftwood in thick bronze strands — it would take days to dry out.  She went straight to the abalone shell and shook it sideways until the note floated to the top in the sand.  Then for a long time she just hugged the little piece of paper to her chest and closed her eyes and smiled.  It was like her whole heart was just expanding out in rings.  She rocked in place, back and forth, with her eyes closed — just listening to the sounds that the ocean was making.
The waves had their own rhythm — a really special sound, and it always depended on what the mood and the weather of the day was.  If there were storms they sounded violent as they crashed up against the rocks — almost like pounding.  Those kind of days they rose up out of the sea like giants had formed them and they were in an angry mood.  But on days like today, they made a slow, shushing sound — with long silences in between.  Before she opened the note, Teenie looked out to sea for a long time.  Way out on the horizon she could see a lone sail, from a sailboat — way, way out to sea.  On the edges of the island it was clear — it didn’t look like there was going to be any fog today at all.
When Teenie had gotten dressed that morning, she’d pulled on her most favorite hat.  Even though the days were getting cooler because it was fall, it wasn’t too cold out yet.  She remembered the day her dad had gotten her the hat.  He’d said, “Teenie, every writer needs a hat.”
He’d had her pick it out at the hat store and now it was two years old.  But, she still loved it.  It was so plush and soft — she pulled it down over her ears — tugging it, and running her hands over its furry surface.  It almost felt like one of her old stuffed animals in a way.  One of the things that hat did was give her brain some privacy besides making a fashion statement.  Also, she rubbed it for good luck, too.  In a way it was like a lucky charm sometimes, and, it always made her think of her dad, too.
Dad, I think you’d like this boy, a lot, she thought.
And then, she slowly unfolded Devlin’s note very carefully.

It was a very powerful day, today.  Part of that was reading the pep talk from the man who founded NaNoWriMo.  He said the most poignant and profound thing a writer could ever read in that note today.  I thought so… but I’m going to save it till the very end.

What he said made me know that I will get to the end of this tale, by the end of the month.  I will.

But tonight I just want to sit with that magic number for a little while.  20,000 words.  My words.

My novella being written for 2009!



5 thoughts on “Nanoday #10 — “Heart of Clouds” reaches the magical number!

  1. My heart is lighter now, at the thought that you have reached such a gigantic goal, and that you will write on.

    This is the best news I have read today. This is the very best news!

    that’s all I can say..

    the writing? Exquisite. what more can I say?


  2. Bonnaire…I took the time to read what she wrote this morning. It was very meaningful, to read. Thoughtful, and a catalyst. Beautiful mind, and soul. Certainly beyond a pep talk. What a resource you have found. And what an accomplishment, you have already achieved….

    You have found your population. A world of writers. Those willing to bring their stories to the page…
    From all walks of life…..from all around the world. I can’t think of a better place…

    This quote came to mind today…….

    “I will not die an unlived life. I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire. I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me, to make me less afraid, more accessible, to loosen my heart until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise. I choose to risk my significance; to live so that which comes to me as seed goes to the next as blossom and that which comes to me as blossom, goes on as fruit.” 
— Dawna Markova


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