Nanoday #12, “Heart of Clouds” YA young teen romance now to page 109!

How fab.  I am so tired I can’t even believe it, but, I am really pleased with this story because I have made several deep ecopsychological interventions in the text, and I’m very happy with that…


And, in that letter the founder of Nano sent us, he said, only you can write your book and that is true!

This book is being written by someone trained in depth psych?  Me.  So, there is magic behind the scenes in this book and I’m really happy about that.  In fact?  I know exactly who I am going to give this book to once I get back to the Writers Conference I’m part of.

Here is a snippet from today — the chapter is “hearts” and Devlin has had a dream:

All night long Devlin slept fitfully, tossing and turning in his bed.  He’d had the strangest dream of sea turtles.  The turtles had asked him to come and visit the sea kingdom — and they wanted him to ride on the back of the largest one.  The beach had been different, though.  The beach in his dream was littered with thousands and thousands of plastic objects.  Every where he looked he saw broken things and shoes and bottles — dozens and dozens of bottles.
The color of the ocean was even a sickly yellow-green, mixed with purple.  The turtles told him they were going to take him to the heart of the dead zone so that he could see for himself.
When the largest turtle Tut spoke, it was as if he communicated with Dev, just by using his eyes.  They were weeping, as Dev looked into them.  “You will ride me,” he’d communicated, and then he nodded slowly and turned so that Devlin could climb aboard his very large shell.  “I shall take you to the source of The Wave, Devlin Underwood,” he’d said.
Ten blue whales and seven sharks and dozens of dolphins were going to lead the way in a sort of flotilla.  The turtles launched themselves into the sea, with Devlin aboard the king.  He was very, very old.
Devlin held his flippers, as he clung to the turtle’s back.  All around him the dolphins leapt and did tricks, as the squadron of turtles made their way out to sea.  It wasn’t long before they
approached the first of the dead zones.  Devlin had never seen anything like it.  It was a vortex spinning slowly in circles.  And it was full of garbage.  One of the blue whales came very close to Tut, and he told Devlin that the sea gods were angry because the people had not shown them respect.

I love this book that I’m writing.  I do.

In other news, there has been a big deal over here about literary agents and the future of publishing en generale.

Literary Agents React!

I fonly I had an effing printer that worked around here I’d put this book in the mail asap — to my fave one.

He was the nicest of all the literary agents I met at the Conference, btw.

( I love that great poster in the article too)!  How fab.



13 thoughts on “Nanoday #12, “Heart of Clouds” YA young teen romance now to page 109!

  1. I hardly know what to say–the passage is so beautiful Bonnaire…


    It is from the heart of you–through and through.

    Thank You, Bonnaire, for writing this book…..

    Just, Thank You So Much…


      1. I think it might be good? I really do. And that isn’t my ego — it just is? — the message in it?
        it has a lot of things in the plot that are very poignant? I’m really proud of it for that — and I even cried through one passage as I wrote it — but, I wept at its beauty, or truth, or art — it was a climax in the novel’s message.


      2. I know it isn’t your ego Bonnaire. It’s beautiful.

        you haven’t cried alone.

        I cried today……reading Devlin’s dream..

        you brought back to me a memory of a dream…..

        about a dolphin who found me washed ashore and carried me away to a safe island….

        Thank you Bonnaire. Just thank you……

        for such truth and beauty and art….

        that’s all I can say


      3. it has themes people can understand in it? I hope. I’m writnig it on a really deep level but simply. It takes a lot out of me to think this hard about how to frame the interventions? hard to explain — but they would be invisible to the readers?

        hard to explain, but i’m very proud of it so far…..


  2. how rarely on these comments of mine over these past month, have you had the last word, Bonnaire. Not because you don’t? Just because you always elicit a response from me.

    i personally believe Bonnaire, that simplicity from depth, is what people do understand…in such places, they are able to find “meaning”……and feel connected, to life, to love, to magic…..whatever you have chosen to share…

    this is what I believe Bonnaire is so powerful about your writing….it is just as much what runs beneath the waters so to speak than what is on the surface….I believe people can feel that when it happens….and I believe that is what people yearn for…

    that is what i believe.


    1. It’s far more difficult than I thought to write a novel. Serious. if not for the twitters, dunno. some of them are already finished? but mine is trying to arrive intact save a few edits here and there? it’s hard to do 2000 words a day? some days — today bleary eyed, thank you for support there was a part a few days ago that made me cry — crux of the novel?
      it arrived all by itself too. One of the characters said it.


  3. People can connect to these issues through stories like yours……

    I truly believe that..

    much more than through a newspaper article.

    So much depth…


    perfect name.


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