Nanoday #16 “Heart of Clouds” now at 29,278 words — past halfway point.

I decided to press on.

from my NaNoWriMo novel:

Teenie and Devlin are about to meet:

Lately Teenie had been remembering how her dad had taught her to press her heart against the heartwood of the trees when she needed
strength, and that was the reason that she loved Devlin’s castle so much.  It was because it was made entirely of wood that had floated for miles in the sea.
She watched him now, striding down the beach through the cracks in the castle walls, between all the seaworn logs he’d made the castle from.  She just loved the way he was walking with that sure stride he had.  The wind was blowing his hair in all directions and he had on a navy blue plaid shirt and jeans that were just as worn as hers were.  It was like he was just so comfortable inside himself, she thought, as she watched him coming closer.
He parted the seaweed curtain and just stood there smiling at her, for a very long time.  Teenie could feel the tiniest tears start to well up behind her eyes.
“It’s you,” she said. “It’s really you, isn’t it?”
“It’s me,” he said.
The two of them just grinned at each other for a long time, and then Devlin reached up and ruffled his hair.

“So, do you want to go for a walk?”
“Okay,” Teenie said.
“Wow,” Devlin said as she stepped out into the sun.
“Just wow.”
“Your hair.”
“Is it okay?”
“It’s just, so beautiful.”
“It is?”
“It’s so beautiful.”
“I wish you could see it the way I can,” he said.
“It’s the way you look backlit against the sun like that.”
Teenie just smiled at him, a little shyly.  She wasn’t even sure what to say back.  Nobody had ever said anything like that to her before.  Devlin reached out his hand and took her hand in his.  The touch of his skin was warm and he curled his fingers into hers as they stood there smiling at each other.
“Come on,” he said.
“I want to show you the place I found the the abalone.  All the best shells wash up there.”

“He found her,” Tut.  The sounds of all the things in the sea resounded in Tut’s ears.  It was the tiniest hum at first but it grew louder.
“He found her!” the dolphins cried out with their sonar and
started to leap out of the sea in mid-air, almost dancing with the flying fishes who were skimming along beside them.  They were
telling the entire ocean.  The big blue whales began to sound and breach all over over the world and soon the penguins were dancing too.  They spread the message to the polar bears — who spread the message to the eagles — who spread the message to the wolves — who carried the message to the deer — who carried the message to the cattle — who carried the message across the prairies — who took the message via a small barn swallow — who flew it to a tadpole in the shallows of a river — who carried it to a trout that was resting in the shallows — who told a butterfly that was flitting about in mid air.
In this way the message was carried across the entire animal and river kingdom until it reached all the way back to the sea.
“He found her, Tut.”
The message returned to the ancient turtle with what seemed like a trillion sounds from all over the place.
The whole world seemed to hum with it.

Tut’s ancient eyes filled with tears once again.  The whole purpose of his life was unfolding before him as he realized that he had fulfilled the quest his grandfather had set for him.
He had managed to make his way to the very last boy and girl
left on earth, and he had managed to unite them.  His tears fell until one of the flying fish landed on his giant shell.
“He’ll save us,” Tut, the flying fish whispered.
“And so will she,” Tut replied.
“Because she carries the key to the most important thing in the world and without her the world would go completely dark, my friend.  She carries the language of the heart for all of us, does our little Teenie Alexander.”
“The world almost forgot that language, Tut, didn’t it?”

My novella being written for 2009!Exhaustion — this reminds me of that movie from ages ago…

about a different sort of marathon.  Can’t sleep for the pace at which I have to go just in case the words decide not to come out!  That’s how it goes the way that I write.  I write from one point until the natural finish and I am too tired at this point to edit out any typos.

That will come later.

So tired i cannot even think straight right now.

Meeting the writers yesterday helped a lot because it’s a pretty lonely job — it really is.


now on to tomorrow.

I have 14 days to finish.

Linked crux today — which helped a lot.

Doing that wasn’t so easy though.

ps: There is somebody very cool in nanowrimo named VintageFlapper and she told us about Wordle — you can see what it made of the two posts of the story above in this blog post.  How fab!  Here is a picture at this link!

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